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Thousands of articles have been written on how to lose weight women. A little less — about how to lose weight men. And what should a woman whose man decided on such an ordeal as weight loss? How to motivate men who have excess weight, how to maintain it during a severe and prolonged struggle with pounds, how to help after weight loss. These and other questions are answeredMariyatMukhina, physician acupuncturist, MD and author of over 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of excess body weight.

Usually men women later realize that it is time to lose weight. After all, looks are not as important for them as for the fairer sex. In general, a good man should be plenty. So often men pulled over weight to the "last" — to the beginning of health problems. As a rule, women's persistent advice to lose weight only discourage men from taking that step. Because a man's world it is so "feminine" thing — take care of yourself, lose weight, go to the beautician. Maximum makingman— It sometimes visits the gym and doing massage. And even if the pressure of its halves, he agrees to lose weight, you may at any time give up, because it was not his decision. So it's best if he deliberately sit on a diet. Then it will be really conscious decision, and there is a chance that the result will exceed all expectations.

To make such a decision, a man needs information. But the information can easily provide him with a woman. It is not necessary to do so in the form of a report on the topic of women … other methods are available. You can casually mention the consequences of obesity, problems with the cardiovascular system, joints in obese people. The fact that obesity can cause diabetes and problems with potency. Somehow the sake of entertainment calculate body mass index. Tell horror stories about sleep apnea in overweight people. Mention in passing that her husband Lyudkov thin and straight younger. Well, just lightly complain that it was difficult to find a decent suit or pants large size.

The water wears away the stone. Your man realized that health is more expensive traditional way of life, and those extra pounds is really unnecessary. The main causes of obesity — overeating and lack of physical activity. It is in these two areas and the need to act. Many men love to act dramatically — to sit on the water and cabbage and a week to get rid of 5-7 pounds. Be sure to tell her about the dangers of a strong half express diets. In addition to harm from them any good. Better to lose pounds slowly but surely — as physiologic. How to do it is best to consult with a registered dietitian.

For example, the author's methodGolden Eagle ®,supplemented by a special system of power and corporal acupuncture helps the body to focus on the splitting of fat that have accumulated in male pattern — in the abdomen. The program includes sessions of acupuncture facelift to improve the structure and elasticity of the skin. When the weight comes back to normal, you can start going to the gym. And the doctor gives advice on what muscle groups need special attention.

What does can help a woman? First, of course praise, admire and support her man during the period of weight loss. Second, buy and prepare those foods which nutritionist advised. May have to cook it separately from the whole family, but because health is worth it close, right? No need to provoke failures, buying some high-calorie "sweets" for themselves or children. Or make it so that people on the diet did not see it. Give up the house of sugar and baking, as a source of "light" carbohydrates, beer and any sausages. Under the strict ban gets all the alcohol, since it is very caloric. In addition, under a glass always want something to eat, eat. And, as a rule, is not an apple.

Third, encourage your man a good fitness club, or better yet — give a subscription to a birthday / New god/23 of February. Men are usually no time to search the right club, and a woman can easily do this by interviewing friends or reading reviews online.

Gifts men during this period — it is a separate topic of grace. In addition to subscription to a fitness club, you can give massages, a variety of sports equipment, going to the bath or sauna, tour a health resort. Very good present several sessions of ozone therapy. The procedure for ozone therapy accelerates metabolism, normalizes clotting, improves the condition of hair and complexion, strengthens the immune system. The fact that a person needs on a diet!

We must be alert to the psychological breakdowns slimming men. It can be as depression, irritability and explosions, or vice versa crying. Men are more conservative than women, and they are hard to adapt to a new way of life. There could help your kindness, patience and calm. Include a home to music, watch your favorite movies together, usually walk in the fresh air.

Weight loss — a difficult test for the body and the person is always easier to get back to normal life, you enter into a fight with him. So be sure to tell your man you are proud of them. Hang on a wall poster or make a splash on the monitor with any athlete or actor who likes your part and thus has a gorgeous body. Maybe for some people it will be an additional motivation.

If you do not deal with mood swings men visit psycho on feeding behavior and training on nutrition, which is carried out in clinics ORIGITEYA and at the exits in the elite resort towns resorts in Switzerland (Montreux) and Germany (Baden-Baden).

After all of the food there is a strong psychological dependence, and to say goodbye to her at one point absolutely unreal! The psychologist will remove the emotional stress and learn to enjoy life in other ways.

Draw a graph of the dynamics of weight loss — let the success of weight loss will be even more visible. At the end of the week can make a small festival dedicated to the departed kilograms. Positive reinforcement is always contributes to a correct setting.

Most likely some of these recommendations will suit a male, but some — to others. The main thing to try, try, do not give up and believe in her man. And the most effective way to support your slimming men — is to lose weight along with it! Together is better to lose weight, and good for health and beauty obvious.


Source:clinic ORIGITEYA®


There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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