YuGOK get free access to the European market

January 15, 2013  

At the end of 2012, the Southern Mining has received official authorization of the European Chemicals Agency for the unimpeded delivery of products to the European Union, joining the regulations legislation REACH.
As a single representative of the Southern Mining was selected Finnish company «REACHLaw Ltd», which was engaged in drawing up the dossier company to supply it for registration to the European Chemicals Agency. In preparation for the registration in the South GOK was conducted serious research.
Obtaining a permit under REACH suggests that produced in the South GOK agglomerate is not only high-quality iron ore, but also meets the most severe requirements for safety to human health and the environment.

"Southern Mining took another positive step towards improving the competitiveness of their products. Adherence to the regulations REACH — an important achievement for our company as we strive to establish itself in the European market of iron ore. For the European consumer priorities have always been the characteristics of imported products such as safety and quality. Our products fully comply with these requirements. It is officially confirmed by a resolution of the European Chemicals Agency for Southern Mining unhindered export to the countries of the EU ", — said the Chairman of the Board of JSC" YuGOK "Michael Korolenko.

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