Yumaguzinskoye completed the overhaul of hydroelectric power plant

Bashkir generating company engaged in the operation of hydroelectric power plant on the Yumaguzinskoye number 3, who was a major overhaul since 1 November 2012.

Repairs were carried out to ensure reliable power generation, performed by experts of the Company "Energoremont", LLC "Energoavtomatika" — subsidiaries and affiliates Bashkir generating company.

Most of the work aimed at the maintenance of efficiency of hydraulic unit number 3 type PL50 B-230, it was completely disassembled with a recess enlarged bloc of the impeller. However, the case was complicated by the fact that the neck of the shaft was detected defect (damage to the lining), which required repair at the factory. Val brought in Naberezhnye Chelny, the company "Volga SGEM Kamspetsenergo" where the defect is successfully eliminated.

To improve the reliability of the GA number 3 have also been replaced studs turbine cover. Previously, this item is not separately regulated, but after the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, from where the increase of vibration and stress failure occurred studs, their periodic inspection and replacement moved into the category of mandatory requirements. LLC "Bashkir Generation Company" cemented the decision in his order in 2009. Within the last overhaul of hydraulic turbine plant was implemented this requirement.
In addition, experts perform routine work. All components of the unit, including the driving part of it, have been thoroughly audited. Were replaced by rubber seal tested control and measuring, control and regulating equipment, carried out cleaning and flushing of the rotor-stator generator, water supply systems, braking. All the tasks of maintenance personnel, have been resolved.
Yumaguzinskoye plant is located on the White River. Its construction began in 2000 and ended in 2005. At the same time, the first unit was put into operation in 2004. Yumaguzinskoye hydroelectric decide, first of all, the problem for water supply and flood control, power generation with a tail.
The installed electric capacity — 45 MW.

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