Yuri Kofner: Measures for the economic development of Siberia and the Far East

Yakutsk. Siberia. 2045

Speech at the conference "Eurasian Union: the rules of the game for business and capital" during the III Business Forum at the President Hotel. Moscow, July 5, 2012


I once asked how I feel about the idea of joint development of China and the Russian Eastern Siberia and the Far East …

Frankly, this idea take very carefully. China is growing and exorbitant rates in the near future he will need vast new resources. Peaceful trade of such resources it is unlikely to get it. He needed so soon there will be new territory. Take a look at the map: the only way out for China in this regard, only the Central Asia, and above all — East Siberia and Far East Russia.

Personally, I am against the fact that we are "given" the right of the Chinese people on the economic development of Siberia. And no matter in what form, from "shift" to a full quota of free economic zones, as in the book, "chlorophyll" Andrew Rubanova. World experience shows that once you let in your country is not complementary to their own people ethnicity (with which I consider Heinz in relation to the Russian, and more — to Eurasians), they will never leave the territory. And soon, then the Russian lose what their ancestors had fought the last 500 years. Russian people — undoubtedly the strongest in the world, but without Siberia, he even almost "half-Russian." Russian Siberia would be no great loss.


But the problem remains — a holy place is never empty, that is, both by developing Siberia? For me personally, this is due to a couple of suggestions:

500 million — not less!

First of all, you need all available means to raisedemographics, First, Russian, second, all the other peoples of Russia, third, the fraternal peoples of the Eurasian Union (Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia). It is in this sequence. I'm certainly not a chauvinist, but I think that it is ethnic Russian population experiences a crisis at the moment, and only because he needed help in the first place. The same goes for all the other ethnic groups of Russia-Eurasia, which are now experiencing a similar situation.

In parallel with the implementation of the priority tasks of demographic policy should create incentives for the relocation of these ethnic groups on the territory of Siberia and the Far East.


What measures can it be?

Stolypin XXI century

It is my deep conviction that the future of Russia, not only in high-tech, but, above all, in the agro-industry. To clarify this statement would make a small digression. Russia possesses enormous food potential: 24% of its territory is covered with extremely fertile land (221 million hectares)[1], in Russia are 50% black soil of the world[2]. At the same time, the Russian agriculture suffers from high inefficiency. Here is an example: In Germany, only 17 million hectares are fertile (as in 13 (!) Times smaller than that of Russia). In Germany agrompromyshlennom sector employs only 1.6% of its workforce (1.3 million people), but it is able to provide themselves with basic food by 145%[3]. At the same time, the Russian agriculture employs about 10% of the workforce (about 7.5 million)[4], at the same time, our country has until recently been forced to buy from abroad, even corn![5] However, if Russia has used its full potential, it could have on the current level of technology development to ensure food 1.5 billion inhabitants of the earth (!) And to increase its total GDP of $ 2.5 trillion to $ 10.5 trillion!

In this regard, I suggest give every newborn rossiyaninu land in Siberia and the Far East as a gift! In this case, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for the development of industrial activity on it, and, above all, of course, agro. In the framework of the production activities in the areas offer free family newborn from taxes for 10 years, to provide them with a lightweight way to obtain loans from commercial banks, as well as provide them with administrative support, such as a "one stop shop", etc. At the same time, paramount to ban the resale of land and enter the most severe environmental requirements. Establishment of cooperative farms between the owners with the possible.

The section on "Innovation" in the forum "Seliger-2012"

Siberia State Corp.

Next consider necessary to follow the pathcreating a state corporation for the development of Siberia and the Far East with special powers. Let's be honest c is — no matter: whether it is a ministry, committee or commercial structure — an element of corruption in the beginning will still be present in these projects. But I'm convinced that the only commercial organization dedicated to self-sufficiency and motivated by profit, is able to effectively develop and implement Siberia in the production process new and emerging technologies /

All of the site (XXI-th) century!

Simultaneously to revive the tradition of excellent construction team, but in a new key volunteer movements and patriotic eco-and ethno-tourism. Fund these construction crew flight is just to this corporation. And invite them, we must not only young Russians, and all the inhabitants of the future Eurasian Union, but especially young people of Europe. For them — a trip to Siberia, to build a road, schools and hospitals — is "extreme" and a great feeling. I'm sure if you organize and position the Siberian construction crew XXI-st century as a kind of "extreme tourism", that now many young Europeans with great enthusiasm going. On such stroyotryadah, and on the way to them, they will be able to see Russia from her best side. Such a project is able to reverse the negative age-old prejudices about Europeans, Russian and Russia. This had simply did not exist.

From St. Petersburg to Shanghay 10 days

In Russia-Eurasia another huge, virtually untapped wealth — its geographical position. Vladimir Putin wrote that the EAC should "Play the role of effective" link "between Europe and the dynamic Asia-Pacific region."Russia-Eurasia in this regard is primarily a "bridge" for the movement of goods and freight across the continent: from East to West and from North to South. The development of infrastructure and transport systems of Siberia and the Far East provides a huge boost socio-economic development of a mega region. Alas, the old intercontinental long way overloaded. The average speed on the Trans-Siberian Railway is now 40 km-h! We need new! Necessary to build a new ultra-modern intercontinental transport corridors, such as the "Trans-Asian corridor development," corridor "West China — St. Petersburg" and others. But where or who take funding for these "settings (XXI-st) century"? Of course those who are primarily interested in their implementation: the manufacturers and sellers of the goods of the w
orld — from China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, South-East Asia. In this regard, have high hopes for the results of the next APEC forum in Vladivostok. But to build these projects should only domestic firms: the same Siberian corporation with partial support in the form of the same construction crew.

At this point, I am pleased to announce the success of the first movement "YOUNG EURASIA"in this direction: the conference "Eurasian Union: ambitions, problems and prospects" held on June 29, 2012 in Kazan, Foat Komarov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of "highway", ie it is the company that is building highway "Western China — Saint-Petersburg", as well as Marat Bariev The first deputy. Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Affairs, secretary general of the Russian Olympic Committee officially expressed their support for our ideas to create the Eurasian Youth volunteers from the construction team "YOUNG EURASIA" to participate in the construction of a section of this magnificent project.

Here are my suggestions for the development of Siberia and the Far East of Russia. Maybe someone they seem naive, but these people want to object to the words Vladimir Vernadsky, Eurasian father of the famous historian George Vernadsky"All that we may know, all that we have committed, we know and have made through dreams dreamers, visionaries, and scientists and poets".

Give us a prosperous Siberia! During the prosperous Russia! For prosperous Eurasian Union!


Yuri Kofner

Chairman of the movement "YOUNG EURASIA"

and the Eurasian Club of MGIMO

[1] From the speech of the President of Russian Union of Surveyors, chairman of the Russian resettlement movement "Man. Earth. Russia " Andrey E. Gus'kova at the conference "Eurasian Union: the rules for business and capital" during the III Business Forum at the President Hotel. Moscow. July 5, 2012

[2] NK Dolgushkin, "Legal problems of agricultural land." 2011

[3] From the speech of the Rector USUE, PhD, d.geologo and mineralogical n.,Mikhail Fedorov, the round table "The village of XXI-st" in the III century Eurasian Economic Youth Forum. Yekaterinburg. May 16, 2012

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