Yuzhnouralsky robots liquidators.

In the Chelyabinsk region created robots liquidators. Machines are designed for emergencies Miasskoe scientists. Representatives of the emergency service of "Rosatom", financed the creation of robots, in 2012, put their production on stream in the coming years will equip all their nuclear facilities of the country.

He must enter into the elevator door opening with only 60 centimeters. He walks up the steps, turns on a narrow staircase, is able to unwind the cable. Small-size robot designed to work where human presence is undesirable or impossible. The man just manages these terminator at a safe distance.

Robot Dismantlers is able to capture high-power radiation source and move it precisely specified coordinates without breaking, and by breaking down without dropping it.

The ancestor of the family of the "liquidators" became a robot created in Miass three years after the Chernobyl tragedy. Then the robot capable of operating in an area with a high level of radiation does not exist. Development Miasskoe scientists will be able to operate continuously at the epicenter of a nuclear explosion, where the intensity of light — 104 x-rays per hour.

Still see these cars — they are fitted with video surveillance and sensors to monitor the environment — and lift weights — five-foot hand-arm transfers the weight to 35 pounds. "The Hand" works and the saw-grinder is not destroyed by loads: following her reflection sensors effort. Professor, Department of Automation SUSU (Miass) Igor Voinov commented: "I always say, maybe incorrect phrase, but in the creation of robots that we always see on TV (welding, painting, assembly — mainly in the automotive industry), Russia hopelessly behind. A special-purpose robots — those who can work in space, under water, on the fire, or, as in this case, robots and robotics engineers to work in nuclear power plants — special-purpose robots — here we are, in my opinion, ahead of the all ".

In the next 2-3 years, these robots will equip all Russian nuclear power plants. Director of engineering and robotics training center SC "Rosatom" Oleg GOIDIN said: "These systems kabelenamatyvayuschie-wound into Russia in general it is in these dimensions are made for the first time. World counterparts we do not consider, because we have a different level of technology. We are quite satisfied. "

Clockwork Sapper, famous under the name of "Red", in 2007 saved the man's life. In Yekaterinburg, "Red" blew mine clearance vehicle during combat. Therefore Miass robots that are already living trust nuclear scientists, a division of military security of Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk riot police and border guards of Azerbaijan, gathering dust in stock will not.

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