Z.Paznyaka: We assess the situation as very terrible

Pozniak: "Everything that was said at the press conference can be unique only to the profane. We do already stuffed mouth. Since all that Putin read, reads, and would read — has long been analyzed by our People’s Party, which is called the Conservative Christian Party BPF. I even wrote about it a fortnight back, during the "fuel controversy."
Because just quote: "kicker back on the initial and, incidentally, the general political position. Integration lasts and will last. This is just a euphemism for imperial policy, there does not change anything. In January last creation of a unified Russian-Belarusian (practically Russian) system defense work all required RF psevdastruktury of so-called "Allied countries", open borders, and so on. And in the official Belarusian nobody finds and does not think of any economic, energy and other candidates. All this points to nepryntsypovasts conflict, which again goes into the lingering rivalry dangerous for the people of Belarus, which, again, is a hostage of this adventurous policy 2-persons. "
I had this quote, as it significantly in the situation which is presently developed in Belarus if smoke Zahav created all this propaganda system of dictatorship. Nothing fundamentally failed. There was a quarrel between the allies and no fundamentally approaches the destruction of Belarusian sovereignty, civilization, economy — they are not revised. They remained as they were, in Russian politics.
I stress that we regard this as a very scary situation. It is more safe for the sovereignty of Belarus and Belarusian interests than it was before this fight. Since Putin has no exit. If they do not some semblance of integration, they will lose power. A loss of power for Putin’s group — it’s just redistribution. And "chaos" as they say in Russia. They are well aware of. Bet they created that will create some semblance of the "union of the country" and make a new election of the president, and such makarom Putin will go to the third term. This stake. Their policy is constantly they say that there is "made a mistake", "eggs in one basket, put", and then view …
All these perfectly understandable euphemism. Because at the moment the Bug made everything to achieve this goal. Go to the change in terminology. Now we are looking at changing the terminology is so fondly about any "interests" that something together "doing." Will be a corresponding pressure in this benevolent system is bribery. I have no doubt if it will be an edge, they can throw a couple of billion Lukashenka personally. Business goes on in their life and death. And this conference suggests, as they begin to produce this policy. And we also do not see it.
Belarusian people right now should realize that it is a question about his fate. At the moment I made a call to set up committees Protection of Belarus, which had already been made after "flies and cutlets" and later it was postponed. At this point it is necessary to do so in Belarus there is no party, not counting our People’s Party, which also achieved independence that used expressed the interests of the Belarusian people. Our party and our youth — these two forces. And these forces dictatorship seeks to kill. It is necessary to realize. And no demagoguery that goes from press conferences, from Moscow, with their radio and television, can not be perceived wssd» ithout. As a continuation of the same policy, the same "redistribution". And our people as hostage was this system, and stayed. And the task — that he came of these hostages, that he comprehended own State enthusiasm own state pride.
That is the main thing we have to rely — on its national strength to your own people, for their own interests. No van der Linden, no Schroeder or Putin in our state situation we are not allies and benefits. These are people that have only their own interests. They unprincipled democracy. Belarus has accomplished a huge event for the last three months. Not "gas" conflict. It’s all a trifle compared with what happened. Political explosion "of the atomic bomb." So what? Complete silence! November 23 said Lukashenko officially confirmed that he had falsified presidential elections.
You imagine something similar in Poland or the Czech Republic, of any country! All civilization would hit the streets! Such a president would not last a few hours! Here would include legislation here would include the whole of society. What’s going on in Belarus? Complete silence! All parapolitical audience is silent. Our party has filed in the Supreme Tribunal of a criminal case, the court refused. Who commented that all? Where that is independent press? So is independent press called on the first page contains a large portrait of Lukashenko — "Turn"! There is no "rotation" no. Turn only to the grave.
And this "explosion" in November when Lukashenko — yes, he was doing his tactical error, but he admitted that he did falsification of the presidential elections — showed the level at which a society is. And what do all these negotiations with Brussels and Van der Linden, who also "did not hear anything" that Lukashenka admitted falsification.
It’s all states that, that while our people will not feel his strength until he will be in their position, the position of their own state interests, and to this day there will be a dictatorship, and this time will be fooled and the Belarusian people and the international community that we are at the moment and litsezreem. "

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