Zeltser deal: We have a relationship with fraud

"We have a relationship with untainted by fraud Emanuel Zeltser and its partners, when a certain group of people, without providing any documents, tried to seize property Badri Patarkatsishvili. Georgian society is difficult to find someone who would think differently. Someone is trying to make out whether Emanuel Zeltser not a political prisoner, but if he had the documents, he would have to provide them, but while he has not submitted any evidence.
Zeltser’s brother challenged what Gudavadze Nina is the widow of Badri Patarkatsishvili. This statement Mark Zeltser showed us on television.
If a person claims that the widow of the deceased — it is not his widow, I say that ethe man — crook. If a person disputes the undeniable, of course, with whom we have a relationship. Just a bunch of crooks trying to sue the family of the deceased his legacy.
Here I am fully confident that still regards the other allegations in the address Emanuel Zeltser — drug smuggling or commercial espionage — then there’s nothing I can not comment because I did not know about that. "Tags: business, Zeltser Huhashvili

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