Zeltser relies on a fair tribunal

Journalists tried to go to a tribunal because by law process should begin in public, and only later it can declare closed. But even journalists were not allowed in the courthouse. Case secretive even earlier Tipo on the grounds that it has hidden information.
The situation in the Sudan should several people in civilian clothes. Policemen in the form no.
To court Dmitry Harachka, lawyer Emanuel Zeltser and Vladlena Funk, said that he prepared documents showing innocence of his clients. "Even if they would not read in court, these documents must prove their innocence, " said the lawyer. He is also convinced that the tribunal would meet his customers.
Dmitry Harachka said that the sovereign Seltzer feels bad, "but steadily and will participate in the trial." He’s a lawyer saw yesterday, July 29. Seltzer hopes that the court will be fair and assure his innocence.

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