100 years ago, there were first bras

Minsk, beginning in March 1907. At the corner of Governor and Cathedral Square (today’s Lenin Street and Liberty Square) is the hotel "Europe". In the midst of his guests are two French brothers tour. They are merchants of Lyon, the owner of several galyantareynyh manufactory. In Minsk brothers led business. The eyes of the French do not miss any of the Minsk ladies. Brothers Tournier notice that many myanchanak love to dress tastefully, besides interest of French fashion. Under such pristizhnoe sewn on the figure odezhku just need to put new items French corsetry — brassiere.
A year later, in the spring of 1908, the brothers opened in Minsk galyantareynuyu manufactory "Francois Tourne." French slogan: "In our brasery — any will be Wehner (MILAVITSA)." Forthcoming Tournier is a contender — Capital industrialist Isaac Abramson. Its products has a different slogan "Byustatrymalnik — lace, necessary for the house thing. Cost — four rubles. "Certainly, Minsk ladies prefer French.
During the first World War I brothers Tournier export their manufactured goods to the west. After the revolution, the factory in place appropriate times appear cooperative, which is referred to as "Belorussian", the "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Some instances of the Russian lingerie middle of XX century were even presented in a comic show in Paris. Its organizer actor Yves Montand was very excited by what I saw on the shelves of Russian stores.
The fact that any lady may be MILAVITSA, mentioned in Belarus as a result of restructuring. Specifically, such a title and get first 1990 Minsk association for the production of lingerie. Over the next 10 years, products "Milavitsa" uniformly to conquer the markets of Belarus, the Russian Federation and other former Soviet states.
Now every marketing avenue "Milavitsa" you always Seek word about manufactory "Francois Tourne." Promoters from Russia and Ukraine in this behold the historical connection and say that "each model Belarusian linen traced real French chic." How is it really so? Minsk dizaynersha odezhki Anna Balazs refers to the story of the post-Soviet PR Tournier commonplace.
"It’s a PR. Enjoying most popular model" Milavitsa "in terms of French charm — it Angelica, which is not even invented graphic designer and technologist. Her as before the model name She even two hundred and first want to make a monument. But if you talk about the charm , then we just do not even have the means of those machines which, for example, are at least 50 thousands of dollars and make only one rivet. "
By Minsk dizaynersha, the main advantages of the Minsk lingerie-its functionality praktychnasts and cost.
Translator Vera, which can allow yourself to take things abroad, calls the product "Milavitsa" decent products for the average European class.
"I would be saying that, if it were put somewhere in Germany for the price of two to three times higher than Belarusian, it would be a matter of razmyali minute. I I can tell, that the relation between price and quality, for which so guarded western consumers, the "Milavitsa" stored in order. Models can be cheap, so there shytstse everyday. But for all that Minsk is not torn underwear after the first wash. All made perfectly, with a very good fabric. "
Faith finds it very positive that Minsk has branded store "Milavitsa", where each half updated models of products.
"I once read statistics whereby lady of the middle class has taken over 2-bra for the year … With addition time I with pleasure and I do. "

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