100 years Nasha Niva: literary competition in the museum Bogdanovich

Poet, Chairman of the Belarusian PEN Center Nyaklyayeu said about the meeting: "If it was 20 years back, I would have to wonder about many of you — that led each here. Indeed, while literature was almost throughout phenomenon kan» ; yunkturnay. People wrote from book to book, from apartment to apartment. On present day literature does not provide anything except touching the magic. "
Newspaper "Nasha Niva"Was created in 1906 in Vilnius and rebuilt in the same place in 1991. But since 1996 is published in Minsk.
Next word Kislitsyna took Anna: "There is nothing unusual in the fact that the workshop for young writers was held in Vilnius. Especially since it is not unusual that one of the creative competitions called the "Wilensky notebook", and our young writers wrote poems dedicated to Vilnius. Here the emperor Nyaklyayeu stated that Vilnius — the cultural capital of Belarus. In the literature, a new generation. They do not agree with the fact that heart Belarus — in Vilnius. They they say that heart Belarus — Belarus ".
Anna Julia Shatsko Kislitsyna presented her poem and Vilnius ":
Streets, streets, streets, streets … I find you on the old streets of Vilnius, on the narrow streets of the grouchy Vyalley.
Together at the end of the contest came about 2-10’s young writers. PEN Center often holds such competitions. So, for example, conducted literary competitions dedicated to love and the person of Vladimir Karatkevich. The prize for the favorite is a collection of works of those who came to the end.

Andrew and Anna Khadanovich Kislitsyna
Lavon Barshcheuski
Julia Shatsko

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