13 years ago, the Supreme Council approved a presidential form of government

13 years ago, the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation with 2 thirds of the votes were given preference for the construction of a presidential republic. The proposed form of government were, surprisingly, stubborn ideological opponents — the Communists and members on the platform of the Belarusian Popular Front. Preconditions that unanimity explains the ex-deputy Oleg Trusov:

Oleg Cowards "invented names … In another vote would never have this initiative has not passed …"

"It was only a matter in which we were in full agreement with them. And they talk about the dictatorship, and we had read. Because we did not vote at all, and they voted" no. "Then another came up with a roll call vote by ballot, they were worn to the office Kebich and demonstrated how those who voted. According to another would never have this initiative has not passed. "
Reporter: "It turns out that just voted" under Kebich "?
Pant: "Naturally. Porazdavali newsletters and so-called" sanctuary "voting lasted a few days. Summoned officials to Kebich, that they with him" how to "vote. Why couple of years could not accept it? Just and as we were against, and the Communists were against. And nothing came of it. And then came up with a "secret" voting ballots. That’s what came. "
It clarifies the sovereign Cowards to the end in their own neprynyatstsi institute of presidency came not all. Someone "pinned down" anyone intimidated consequences. As a result, only 14 Communists openly opposed the presidential form of government and more than fifty Democrats refused to participate in the proposed government "farce."

Vladimir Zametalin "Greater keeper sovereignty than Lukashenko, in the republic."

One of Vladimir Zametalin then ideology should ensure an easy victory outside Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kebich. But when at the end of the presidential race suddenly excelled Alexander Lukashenko, at that time already practically unemployed Zametalin not declined the offer to go to the camp of the ideological enemy. I am grateful for the president to this day.
"If you ask who has more than Lukashenko support in society? I am convinced that you will not find such a person. Especially since, entirely clear who was in power earlier and that, in fact saying they were doing. And where was the republic? If absolutely right to say, completely nowhere. And presently know about Belarus everywhere. Know how to sovereign government. And the more the guardian of sovereignty than Lukashenko, in the republic. "

Goncharik: "Terror has increased in society. And apathy, may also become more …"

Presidential election was entered into the life of Belarusians. For 12 years, "unseat" Alexander Lukashenko tried more than one candidate for the municipal office. A different electorate each election campaign. Ex-presidential candidate reference 2001 Goncharik convinced each time increases at least one indicator — horror.
"All the same, if there were more dissatisfied with the economic situation in including salaries, delays in payment of salaries. At the moment, this Tipo not. But other premises are located on the first plan of discontent. This social disorder, and employment contracts. Bythis people differ. And I do not exclude that the dissatisfied can now even more than in 2001, but then you must talk about the other reasons. First, horror became more in society. And apathy, may also become more. "

Yuri Dankoff: "Pay taxes and sleep quietly …"

And then heard the proposal to change the scheme parliamentary-presidential republic for example adjacent Latvia, when the president is dependent on the collective will of the parliamentarians. However, as the transition to actually implement such rails, remains an open question. Among those who declared their intention to run for the presidency, was an entrepreneur and Yuri Danko. States that Belarusians are accustomed to in the face of Lukashenko givens, and therefore does not believe in the possibility of a very human-shuffle.
"All that at the moment occurs was necessary plan a little differently. Confusion about what is at the moment, comfortable, first, management. Naked eye can see: many believe that so must continue. People took it for granted in advance. All who are around, even his opponents, and those that took. Naturally, people in some degree of stability lures. All aggressive, but armed with a carry is not necessary. As they say, pay taxes and sleep relaxed. Maybe this is the base of all our realities. And all the more — it is "chickie-Mujer" and PR. "

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