30 million inhabitants of the earth as their mother tongue trasyanku

In an interview with German television nedavneshnem French singer Patricia Kaas, whose French mother and father — Teuton, said he did not think their mother tongue nor French nor German. According to her, her native language is the language Lyataryngii — land on the border of France and Germany, which at different times then passed to the Germans, the French. Interviews were conducted in the singer’s literary German language and lyataryngskim dialect specific German-French trasyantsy.
"This is the language of my youth, the singer says, that linguistic structure that allows me to self-identify. Like every modern educated person I need to own a French and German literature. But at times, in his native vorachivayas Saarbrukene I let myself for the journey to his childhood and youth. I’m proud of his own name — Kaas. Since it lyataryngskae "Kaas" (translated as cheese), and not the German "keze."
Patricia Kaas, which is presently Swiss lives belongs to so referred polilingvav. In own life she reads every day and thinks in German, French, English, on the Swiss variant of German language — Schweizerdeutsch.
There polilingvy and Belarus. What language do they think their mother?
Minskers Sergei and Andrei — Prof. translators. Not counting the Belarusian, Russian, have English, German and Scandinavian languages. They believe that the expression "mother tongue" is a carbon copy of the Russian. Belarusian, as well as in English or German, you must read the "mother tongue." Own maternal language they consider trasyanku, since it began to speak.
Sergei: "And what’s candidacy? If villages trasyantsy start talking. Trasyanka better to cancel than what sounds on national television. This is a terrible Russian. With such a subluxation. Serebryanka This sounds Chizhovka."
And Sergei and Andrei believe that competitiveness between the various norms whiteRussian language did not bring anything positive in its propaganda among the population, and therefore in favor of giving tribute trasyantsy status.
Andrew: "Who knows what might be on. I know that the Norwegian language was something similar. Was a time when it is almost danish killed. Later, when Norwegians gained independence, they began to rebuild their own language. Nothing came of it. appeared new language. Norwegian newcomer — it trasyanka ordinary. "
Both linguists for the fact that legitimize trasyanku. One of the first proposal voiced Dr. Minsk Linguistic Institute, a professional in the industry bilingvistyki Dmitry Bogushevich.
Officer Dmitry Bogushevich, professor and linguist Isaac Margolin strongly disagree:
Margolin: "Trasyanka — it is not a natural language. And is not perfect. Linguist she cuts the ear. Trasyanku If legitimize Byelorussian die. "
Doctor recalls the experience of Israel, if the creation of the country’s first native Hebrew was only nine people. For the revival of whiteRussian language, According to the doctor, you need to quickly come to a common literary standard.

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