6 hours — five thousand

About the mysterious caves, which are near the town of Rivers, I vyznat in the library museum adjacent Kurentsov. Librarian, who comes from rivers, certainly encouraged me to behold the magic. It is clear that, according to legend, on those days are caves lie treasures, but to get to them no one could. Intrigued by these story, I went into the river.
I was lucky with a guide. Indeed, in the river, I immediately met with Yuri. History student who spends a vacation at home. Yura happily agreed to show me these caves. Really impressive sight. Behind the village rises the great mountain covered with dense forest. And on the steep slopes of the mountain there is a vine. Not only cracks in the ground. A lined green with moss stones true inputs into the unknown. These caves and drawn on the children’s parables. But the river they are true. Open the cave quite small, but enough to man climbed. To This time, according to Yuri, no definite idea who made them. Nature or people?

Reporter: "What a nice village by a river?"
Yura: "It’s not agrogorodok. It can not be changed, not spinning. Drilling village, ordinary people. Most part — those whose grandparents lived here. Rodney I have about 30 people. Drilling Belarusian village, which still preserved the tradition. It is quite old . This was the place. There were about hundreds of Jews before the second World War. Here was the commune era Poland. And if I’m not mistaken, the first mention — 1570. unrealistic not to adore the place where you were born. "
Reporter: "And what do you know about this cave?"
Yura: "They say that in some places of the 19th century came first researchers to explore and try them. There are rumors that Narbut come."
Reporter: "And in the village walked some traditions, legends? On any treasure?"
Yura: "states that if some coin throw, then realized something."
Reporter: "And you did not try to throw a coin?"
Yura: "No. Coins at the moment, Russian and throw …"
Reporter: "And what else had read? Your grandparents climbed here?"
Jura "How to read my grandfather, he died last year, could on my knees five or six meters there prapavztsi. As then was creepy. "
And yet there is a treasure.
Yura: "One Jewish woman hid ancient mirror. Everyday mirror, but open the lid and rear there wasof gold coins. She hid and after the war she found that pine. She grieved-grieved. Could not wait to emigrate to Israel. And died. And left them quite little. Maybe five or six Jews after the war. Although lived on our main street, virtually all Jews have lived. "
‘s Oldest inhabitant of the rivers — 83-year-old Leonid Bull. Who remembers those Jewish Rivers. And so to speak, his story illustrates what or former Belarusian-Jewish affairs.

Leonid: "Here’s what happened? Each had a shop. People allowed earnings. Went for products already in Vilnius."
Reporter: "You have had my land?"
Leonid: "Correct."
Reporter: "And you took it?"
Leonid: "As the Soviets came. Eliminated".
Reporter: "You had no regrets on this earth?"
Leonid: "Maybe my parents were. But not in our youth. Just tired of it, the cattle graze. Edinalichastva. I could not stand it, it edinalichastva. Since clamped work. A further not allowed to teach."
Reporter: "And the 40 first year, the beginning of the war, you met here?"
Leonid: "Yes."
Reporter: "What was here during the German occupation?"
Leonid: "There was a diesel mill. Heiko built a Jewess. But she’s gone."
Reporter: "A lot of Jews left here?"
Leonid: "A lot. But they all died."
Reporter: "They were shot into the river or they were taken somewhere?"
Leonid: "At the river. Borka was such a Jew. Catch the police, and he led where they were hiding. They were hiding in the woods. A certain shalashyk was.’s All."
Reporter: "property issues?"
Leonid: "Yes. And shot. Delivered in a row. On the one bullet that almost. Young left. They were old men."
Reporter: "You have no hatred for the Germans?"
Leonid: "Here they are by the river nothing worked. Parazganyali Only Jews and all. A civilians were not touched. Smeyatsesya What are you? Civilians were not touched. That you were able to do if for you to come into the house armed man? You would have done nothing. That uttered would you like to do it. "
Now back to the present day. Former rich town is transformed into a small village where the main living elderly. The school has long been closed. But there is a club. According to Yuri, discos here comes even youth Vileika. So here peaceful atmosphere. Head Club, Tatiana, krosotka forty years, at the moment of the Make serfdom on the farm. After all, there is almost certain to work.
Reporter: "What are you doing?"
Tatiana: "Handmade. At current need to shovel grain shuflyavats. During 6 hours — 5."
Reporter: "five thousand?"
Tatiana: "There’s all hand work."
Reporter: "And abandon this work impossible? Neuzh is no labor code What culture worker should not work?"
Tatiana: "We have everything."
Reporter: "And if a man will not go to the job? Defiantly. Navisne This threat of dismissal?"
Tatiana: "I do not know. In our field have not yet been. Layoffs, I think not. But something will surely be chravata. Must everyone asks farm. We survive in all the criteria."
I’m always amazed that horror is not clear why. And the lack of even the desire to protest. But while such Tatiana will be ready to survive in all criteria, and at least some will survive the farm.
Midst of architectural delights rivers can be called a church. She looks uninteresting buildings. Although in fact it is not one century. The old tree its first 90 imposed newest brick. It built 200 years ago as a Uniate. After the war, it made the club. But no one at the club has not gone. Knows the 80-year-old resident Maria Paguda rivers.

Mary: "Who let their own kids in this club? Nobody. And the kids did not. And it was closed. A stove made there. And bench. Did the club. But nobody went. So she broke everything. If you then beheld our church! Which was the temple! "
Mary was the main initiator of the recovery in the river church. Collects the first means she organized the collection of signatures. And also achieved their own.
Maria: "I was in no pioneers of any member of the Komsomol, nor communists. I spoke so much that I believe in God and believe I will. 70 years weaned from God. How hard now to teach people to adore God. I was small , 6 years, I knew all the prayers. Climb the oven and all the prayers taught. A Memory was small cancel. Ancestors taught the same. themselves were believed to faith and kids. A reality unless someone will teach kids? I remember me taught nowhere to not take anything personal. anybody I did not take the chips. Sometimes, I’ll tear the grass, open, lest it trampled corn, barley or oats, and God looks from heaven and create what I’m doing bad business. All tried to do good deeds.’s and the world was better. "
I very often feel Belarusian folklore collector. After all, almost every village grandmother grant me the song own grandmothers. Ancient Mary gave me a wedding song, which came
to her from her grandmother.
Discover, mother, new yard,
Your son goes, like a falcon.
Lucky daughter, as the dawn.
For you, Mom, credited …

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