8 hours to explore Bykov Karatkevich and Melezha

What would you change in schools? Discussion on the loose
3:00 to "People in the swamp," 2:00 to "symbol of failure"

"Karatkevich novel" Spikes under your sickle "- 3:00. Bykov," symbol of failure "- 2:00. Melezh," People in the swamp "- 3:00. With all this still relevant and creative way the writer. Dark," The search for the coming "- 1:00. Literature 1920-50-ies, overview — 1:00, from the 20s to the 50s, including another war."
A.Syadyaka: The most important thing — to change the language of instruction
Member of the friendship of the Belarusian language, physics teacher in one of Minsk schools Syadyaka Alexander believes that the kids want to learn things in the Belarusian language is. But this issue is not parents, school administration and the district.
School "History" is doubly

Grodno ancestors — on Belarusian school
You want to give your own kid in the Belarusian school and why?

Who is more worried about a day or the first school — the child or his ancestors? On this question, I tried in vain to answer for yourself if the end of August my wife and I took our six-year Maryla on first school classes in the suburbs of Prague. Maryla cry in the midst of kids who saw the first time, and we almost persuaded her to stay.

Vladimir Kolos: Not enough truth and sincerity

Chapter zachynnaga authorities of the State Humanities Lyceum Vladimir Colas believes that first school lacks truth and sincerity. And in-2, lacks the Belarusian language and national identity.

Bulls and Karatkevich stayed in school programmke

Anastasia Palazhanka: Belarusian schools lacks sincerity, openness
Activist of the "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka believes that in a democratic European country, which will be Belarus, will have to change the education system.
Gallery — first call to the Belarusian-gymnasium № 23 Minsk

Reformed school textbooks do not

History can be taught in Belarusian
Chairman of the Belarusian Language Society Oleg Trusov said in Belarusian education in schools is stagnating. But all Belarusian-language classes absolutely full.
Enough of the teacher?
School again crosses the 11-year system. Students will have classes last program from 2 years to overcome for the year. Some discipline canceled altogether, in many subjects reduced the number of hours. What fate awaits the teachers, whether held mass layoffs?
Many teachers of the Belarusian language and literature, historians confused and frustrated regular school reform. In connection with the transition to secondary school term for 11-year study in the program reduced the teaching of Belarusian literature canceled subject "Global Art Culture". "History of Belarus" remained as a separate stand-alone part of the course "Global History." This new subject, including "Global History", including in Russian schools, at the request of teachers and students will be taught in Belarusian.
Students who graduated this year 10 classes and received a certificate of basic education will be required to complete the course of secondary education for one year. They enrolled in the so-called "bar classes."
New textbooks for the 11-year school will be ready in a year. NOT issued textbooks on social studies and drafting, re-introduced in the course of high school.
Foreign language in secondary schools will be conducted by three students — two hours a week. But the increasing number of hours of elective courses.
In Belarusian — every fifth student

Chairman of the Society for disk imaging Belarusian school Lozko Ales, just in the Belarusian language study 20.9% of the students. Tags:, education

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