A.Milinkevich: Travel by region — a step the creation of the Freedom Movement

States party meeting in Gantsevichi Peter Guzaevsky:
Guzaevsky "Milinkevich working in the right direction. It — first of opposition politicians, who reached the district malehankih such as ours. He did not come here to teach. Milinkevich asks," How will work? Let’s start at the bottom. What do you suggest? . " About collaboration man said. And it was very nice to hear. "
But what a world after speaking with Milinkevich in Ivatsevichy expressed inhabitant of this district center Stanislav Kholodovich:
Kholodovich: "Present BPF supporters and members of the UCP. We came to a common outlook — go one column. One hundred percent support of Alexander Vladimirovich. How much can I expect? Must act".
Preliminary outcomes of the visit concludes Alexander Brest Milinkevich:
Milinkevich: "For I was very principle that there is no separation in the regions on the "left" and "right" on other political platforms. And here there are democratic people who wish to changes. Expressed a great desire to work within the movement "For Freedom." This step is the creation of movement. Step consultations with people. I tell them about the strategy, which we define in this activity. And of course, it the most important thing, that should make policy — possible often visit the region. "
Reporter: "I hear the sirens of police cars. Either you meet obstacles during this trip?".
Milinkevich: "Not yet. Though usually, of course, we stopped and searched, and bringing in the police. But This time, Thank God, we go free!

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