A week in the world of photos: 11 — 18 February

February 11. Turkmenistan is going to vote on presidential elections

February 11. Opponents of abortion in Portugal welcomes the official number of participants in the referendum — their bill was insufficient to decide legalizing abortion

February 11. President Putin and ruler Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

February 11. Empty stadium in Bergama, closed to the public during a major league game, Italy

February 12. Group "Animals in Dixie Chicks" — Favorites "Grammy" in several categories

February 12. Animal rights rally, Our homeland

February 13. Six Party Talks on North Korea’s nuclear program there, Beijing

February 13. Lebanese clerics pray at the grave of slain Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, Beirut

February 14. The inauguration of the new president of Turkmenistan G.Berdymuhamedava

February 14. Sv.Valyantsina day in Iraq

February 14. First session of the newly elected Serbian parliament in Belgrade

February 15. POLICE armored front of the courthouse where the process begins with the accused in the attack March 11, 2004, Madrid

February 15. Accused in the attack March 11, 2004, Madrid

February 15. Demonstration against the dismantling of Russian monuments in Estonia, Tallinn

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