A week in the world of photos: 18 — 25 February

February 18. After the explosion in the restaurant "McDonald’s" in St. Petsyaburze, Our homeland

February 18. Vote in local elections in Albania

February 19. Following the bombing of the Indian train

February 19. Belarusian youth picketed the embassy in Washington
February 19. Meeting of prime ministers of the Czech Republic and Poland Mirko Topolyanka Jaroslaw Kaczynski in Warsaw

February 19. Missile Forces Commander Colonel General Nikolai Solovtsov during a press conference, Moscow

February 19. Figures Islamic clerics at the carnival in Dusseldorf, Germany

February 22. Iranian students burn Israeli flag in front of the British embassy in Tehran

February 22. Protests in Chisinau — the nurse indicates evidence of their own monthly earnings at 28.7 euros.

February 23. Slide the Left Party of Russia on the occasion of a day or a defender of the fatherland, Moscow

February 23. Israeli military action with the introduction of tear gas on the West Bank, Ramallah

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