ABM slows progress

ABM slows progress
In mon began construction in Romania created the U.S. and NATO missile defense base in Deveselu. The ceremony on this occasion took the role of President Traian Basescu and the Assistant Secretary of Defense James Miller. «Construction, as noted by U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, begins, despite the lack of understanding on the issue with Russia,» — said earlier the Minister of National Defense of Romania Mircea Soul. According to him, the Romanian builders will convert the former Air Force base, and then American company will begin to install missile defense systems.
Once again, the lack of understanding on the issue of missile defense has been demonstrated in the process held last Wednesday in Brussels Council meeting Our homeland — NATO defense ministers of countries — members of this structure. As noted after a meeting of Russian Federation Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu, the issue of missile defense has undergone consider it separately. But it did not lead to any constructive shifting of. «Working together in this area comes out. Applets are developing missile defense in Europe, our concerns are not taken into account «, — the head of the Russian allocated Defense. He added that the problem of missile defense, as samples of the western countries to revive the old CFE to continue to improve the military infrastructure of the transatlantic alliance from Russian borders, extend the union by accepting its membership of new states prevent forward movement and hinder constructive Russian-NATO cooperation.

Our homeland yet again invited NATO to work together to find mutually acceptable solutions. It was stated that Moscow is still open to mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of missile defense, which can strengthen the security of each country. «However, before starting a general anti-missile projects, we need a solid and reliable legal guarantees that the South American missile defense system would not be used against Russian nuclear deterrent» — reiterated Sergei Shoigu known position of our country.

Recognize the futility of the situation in the Russian Federation and the approach to the dilemma of NATO missile defense and NATO representatives. Once again, it made him Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, speaking after a meeting of the Board of Our homeland — NATO. With all of this, but he, like before, only limited common phrase of a certain problems and appeal to «continue consultations that will move forward.» But where and how to «move forward,» NATO Secretary General has not explained.

And so it has been more than 10 years. Since 2002, when the United States emerged from the one-sided order Contract ABM and decided to develop a layered missile defense system that would make nuclear missile arsenals at least some opponents just worthless. In fact, from this point of view, the deployment of U.S. missile defense system should be seen as another attempt to change the United States in their favor the current geopolitical situation. Because Washington and in every possible way out of the design consider the development of a joint missile defense system. And after the declaration in September 2009 by the Obama administration specifically designed missile defense development plan of the country in the form of a «European Phased Adaptive Approach» search interchanges between the Russian Federation and the leading countries of the alliance in the field of missile defense cooperation likely become even more difficult.

With all this the U.S. and its partners in the coming NATO missile continue to increase shock-fighting agents in the form of accommodation interceptors and information and intelligence funds global missile defense system, including in particular the proximity of Russia. At times last tests its shock-martial of all types based. Increases their accuracy defeat, range and speed. Tested missile interception facilities with simultaneous liquidation and multiple targets in the form of ballistic and cruise missiles. Conducted tests combined with the simultaneous introduction of land and sea defense systems of different echelon. There are standards of missiles equipped with multiple shock-kinetic warheads personal guidance.

Created and perfected in practice interaction system of command and management structures of the global missile defense system the United States and NATO, including U.S. Navy ships’ groups equipped combat information and control systems «Aegis». Feature of today’s step deployment of the U.S. global missile defense system is its organic operational «hitch» with missile and nuclear weapons and ordinary U.S. and NATO officially recorded in the documents of the alliance.

Fundamentally and essentially what the practical application of all this combined and extensively branched system is based on the doctrine of offensive U.S. nuclear deterrent, the basic postulate which was and remains a willingness to use nuclear weapons in a first strike without any kind of preliminary test. This again showed «updated» versions of American nuclear strategy, approved today the administration in the past and current years.

After 2022, in other words, the deadline for today’s refined step missile defense system on a global scale, the Pentagon plans to bring the latest missile program from long. It involves the creation by 2041 of 84 groups warships with anti-missile facilities (and it will be 27 percent of the total American ship of the Navy at the time) that an even greater degree increment coverage means the U.S. anti-missile and marine land spaces.

Important to note that with all this in Washington and NATO headquarters in Brussels unheeded Russian control all applications on missile defense issues. Ignored two main proposals on the Russian side, aimed at resolving this problem. So, the idea is locked «division of labor» in the likely sharing missile funds between Russia and the U.S. and NATO (the so-called sectoral approach), also did not take into account the Russian proposal for the provision of legal and political guarantees not being directed US-NATO missile defense system against Russian SNF.

Efficiency probable introduction of anti-missile U.S. media against Russia in recent years will be enhanced through the deployment of the end of 2015 American operational missile systems on the territory of Romania. On the ground airbase in Deveselu, as noted above, has already begun work on the construction of an operational missile complex with total area of ​​the United States more than 200 hectares, where there will be 24 improved rockets of «Standard-3» and which will serve several hundred American soldiers. This will be the third South American military base on Romanian soil: the other two — Air Force (also Deveselu) and naval (Constance) — already used.

And in 2018 in the Polish countryside in Slupsk Redzikovo under construction is planned to finish even stronger U.S. missile structure. As a result, in Europe in summary form, it will consist of 48 interceptor missiles plus 200-300 interceptors sea-based.

So makarom adamantly Deployable U.S. missile defense system is not a «virtual phenomenon» and not «information operation» as it tries to present itself for some Western and Russian experts and impartial reality. And it is obvious danger defense interests of.

Because in Moscow believe that the problem of missile defense should be addressed at the bilateral as well as multilateral track based on the principles of equality and equal security. Why? In 1-x, since it is a problem hindering the development of the Russian-American and Russian-NATO relations. In-2, for the reason that it goes beyond them evenly becoming global international problem, because the number of countries with a framework for the creation of their own shock-combat missile defense, will grow evenly. Especially since that lopsided after failure of Washington Contract ABM current time there is no international legal «checks and balances» that somehow would inhibit the build-up and deployment of anti-missile weapons in the world.

Unsettled this task in a bilateral and multilateral level has a bad effect on the military-strategic balance in the global dimension, regional and global strategic stability as a whole. Over time, this negative impact may be enhanced to an even greater extent. In particular, when the number of interceptors U.S. missile defense system and its closest NATO partners will surpass the number of strategic and tactical nuclear warheads held by Russia and China. It is impossible not to build, that Washington is strongly this course.

Created by Vladimir Kozin, Chief Adviser — Managing Director of the group of advisors to Russian Institute for Strategic research, a member of RANS

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