Above 50% of Belarusians do not believe in the possibility of influencing government

Sociologists of "Mirror-info" passed exclusively for our radio the results of 2-polls. First held last year in September, the second — in February. Both times, the issue has remained so and was: "It seems that you appreciated the opportunity to the people of Belarus to influence fundamental decisions in the country, the authorities act?"
Comparison of current and last year’s numbers indicate: the number of those who believe in the real possibility of their own impact on the imperative structure, very reduced. Last year the figure was 17% in This year left only 9%. In contrast, the number of those who argue that such abilities do not actually have increased from 22% to 31%.

Oleg Mana: "Even people who do not act on the public mind in the heart consider themselves excluded from the decision-making process."

Managing team of expert sociologists doctor, Doctor of Social Sciences Oleg Manayeu, which we introduced to these figures, says that they are about repeating a survey conducted on the same topic in late January Vilnius independent Institute for Socio-economic and political research:
"Despite the claims management Belarus that we have created for the government of the people, that there is social and economic stability that the current policy of support most of the population of Belarus, data-independent polls show: these findings are not fully correspond to reality."
Oleg Manayeu draws attention: 2-sociologists various agencies show that more than half of respondents admit that they have no impact on economic, social and political life. This figure greatly exceeds the number of those who support the opposition.
"Even people who generally do not approve of what course of government, and do not act on the public mind, in my heart also consider themselves excluded from the decision-making process. All makingXia this country, done without them. "
*** Yesterday the House of Representatives Committee on Human Rights, international communication and media could see the new law "On public opinion polls." It was introduced on behalf of the Government a year earlier. Fall after strong criticism recalled. But, as shown by yesterday’s discussion, significant configurations in the latest edition of the document failed. Adoption of the bill threatens the existence-independent sociological institutions all their wish to put under strict control authorities.

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