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India plans to modernize Russia with Su-30

India is negotiating with Russia to modernize outdated Su-30. Maybe countries will implement this project in 2015. But the main enthusiasm of India — in accessing refreshed software and new systems of equipment that will be integrated into the aircraft refreshed.

«We have started negotiations with Russia on joint modernization of Su-30 fighters» — said the agency IANS senior source in the Indian Air Force.

The aircraft, which equates to a category of heavy fighters, is the most advanced in the Indian Air Force. «The modernized Su-30 will develop a very different radars and avionics,» — said the source.

Our homeland supplied Su-30 fighters to India during the second half of the 1990s. «At the moment we are negotiating with Russia about giving us full access to the software and hardware that will be put on the fighters,» — said the source.

Earlier, the Indian defense media reported that Our motherland India in November and may enter into an agreement for the supply of 40 Su-30MKI fighters, upgraded to version «Super Dry». These fighters have the latest cabin, new radar and stealth qualities will differ, as the ability to carry a larger payload, including the latest «air-land» version of the cruise missile «BrahMos». The transaction price is estimated at 3.77 billion dollars.

In Russian structures connected with the export of arms, confirmed that most recently with India really will sign a new contract for the Su-30MKI fighters, but these machines will be like the last modification of the fighter.

«The Indians are willing to independently develop the MIC. In the course of the project to modernize, are likely to be made by production capacity, and the Indians will get technology from Russian partner. With all this I do not think that India refuses to supply current Su-30MKI fighters, «- told the analyst’s gaze» Investkafe » Andrew Schenck.

Indian Air Force plans to proceed with the deployment of new squadrons of Su-30MKI. Currently India is preparing to form the 9 th and 10 th in the squadron of Su. Total number of squadrons will increase to 14.

India so far has lost three Su in a plane crash: one in April 2009, the second — in November 2009, and the third — in December 2011. As a result, the first tragedy two Indian Air Force pilots were killed, but in the second and third tragedy pilots rescued a modern security system.

The Su-30MKI resettled with 2 AL-31FP engines with thrust vector control. Installed on the aircraft radar «Bars» type having a phased array antenna, provides a range of target detection at a distance of more than 120-130 km in the frontal hemisphere and more than 60 km — to the rear. Fighter can carry virtually the entire range of aircraft armament weighing up to eight tons.

It should be noted that in the near future Our homeland is losing tenders for the supply of aircraft and helicopters in India. Not so long ago Russian Il-78MKI lost a tender to supply India 6 flying tankers cost 1 billion dollars. MiG-35 fighter lost in the tender for 126 combat aircraft, Mi-28N was eliminated from the competition for the supply of attack helicopters and Mi-26T2 lost a tender to supply 15 helicopters languid South American CH-47F Chinook. Russian helicopters were more American.

In addition, India, maybe on the third part will reduce the number of fighters purchased 5th generation (FGFA). Instead of the previously planned 200 aircraft into service Indian combat aircraft will go 144 machines.

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