Accomplished online conference on what authorities pochetayut Suvorov?

Kobrin in Brest construction of an Orthodox church in honor of the Russian feldmarshala Suvorov. Representatives of the local authorities claim that this project provides an opportunity to make a coupe with the existing museum Suvorov Military-patriotic complex.
At the initiative of World Association of Belarusians "Fatherland" initiated a campaign against the construction of civilians, joined by public association "Belarusian Writers Alliance" and "White SocietyRussian language Skarina behalf. "
Lena Makovskaya — Linguistic Institute and graduated from the Academy of Management under the Council of Ministers (at the moment — at the President RB), on the 3rd Congress in 2001 was elected to the post of chairman of World Association of Belarusians "Fatherland", was re-elected at the 4th Congress in 2005 .
Anischenko Eugene was born in 1955 in the village Brantsava Orsha district. He graduated from the History Faculty of BSU. Worked as a teacher, he served in the Russian army (as he himself says, "next to Lukashenko"). Since 1985, the Institute of History of the Academy. Ph.D. in History (thesis "Excavation activities in Belarus at the end of the 18th century"), a doctoral thesis on "Political history during the partition of Poland," in which it was proved Our homeland that is primarily responsible for the partition of Poland, has not passed the WAC. The creator of the book "Political History During partition of Poland." February 19, 2007 he was dismissed from the Institute of History of the Academy.
Vladimir Orlov — graduated from the historical faculty of the Municipal Institute, participated in samizdat almanac "Milavitsa" and "Blue Lantern". First book was published in 1986. Creator of more than 20 books of prose, poetry, essays, and historical essays. Awarded the Medal Skarina (1991), winner of the Literary Prize Frantisek Bogushevich Belarusian PEH-center. Since 1988, member of the Board "Martyralegu Belarus." Works translated into 20 in 5 languages.
In an interview with Radio Liberty members online conference uttered:
Lena Makovskaya "World Association of Belarusians" Fatherland "has as its main objectives the revival of Belarus as a sovereign country and raise public awareness, promoting the growth of the Belarusians to respect their own history, culture and language. It is written in the statute, and that is the basis of the association in the past 16 years. We believe that respect for Suvorov on the Belarusian land — is a manifestation of historical forgetfulness, izymatelstvo and disrespect for the memory Protz, who fought for independence our country.
Suvorov came to us with a humanitarian mission, it was punitive and occupiers for Belarus. Even in Russia, where Suvorov and served his name was not canonized. So who will pray Belarusians Kobrin temple? .. Military-foreigner, who drowned in the blood of our national liberation uprising that brought on the bayonets of their own fighter serfdom in Belarus? Confucius said: "If the names do not match the real sense, the case can not proceed successfully …." No country celebrates its own occupants, and people who do not remember the past, it does not come … "
Evgeny Onishchenko: "I believe that it mattersare militaristic policy plan who wish to show Belarus Tipo RF shield is in the western direction. All they will do in order to tell the people of Belarus practically bones lie for foreign interests.
Vladimir Orlov: "This, of course, will be a manifestation of post-colonial or even colonial consciousness which unhealthy both secular and spiritual authorities of Belarus to Orthodox. I wrote a lot about the personality of Suvorov, and this, of course, the anti-hero of our history, as the anti-heroes of our history have Ivan the Terrible, Peter the first … I think that this project (even if it is perfect, in that no desire to believe) will unenviable fate. "

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