Aerostat UNRIVALLED prove their intelligence capabilities

Aerostat UNRIVALLED prove their intelligence capabilities
Lockheed Martin Company continues development and implementation program from a tethered aerostat system PTDS (Persistent Threat Detection Systems), which in real time around the clock supplies of intelligence forces in Afghanistan, reports ASDNews October 22. The company received a contract in the amount of 345 million U.S. dollars for the management and operation of the system.

«PDTS proved fundamental asset to protect our troops and allied troops. We will work on this theater of war, so that the system continues to provide critical information for our military, «says vice president of C4ISR systems of Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions Jim Quinn (Jim Quinn).

Balloon resettled several sensors and provides information troops when feasible to use other manned and unmanned reconnaissance. The system is able to monitor a very large area for 25 days in a row, which is very positive impact on the situational awareness of the coalition forces.

In 2005, the aerostat intelligence system was recognized as one of the greatest inventions in the field of defense, again highlighting the importance of introducing lighter-than-air. As you know, balloon system for observation of the enemy were first used by the French army back in 1794.

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