Against the U.S. scrap no reception Syrian

Against the U.S. scrap no reception Syrian
Air campaign against the regime of Bashar al-Assad will be more like the impunity beating than the military campaign

Currently in Russian and global media publications shaft just about impending military campaign of the United States against Syria. Counted the number and types of aircraft, cruise missiles sounded TTX sea or air, lists various aeronautical lesions are forecasts beginning and development of military conflict (mostly very long life). Professionals listed numerous forces and air defenses available to Bashar al-Assad, serviceable Air Force planes armed forces of Syria and sometimes concludes: Syrian regime is able to give a powerful rebuff a potential aggressor. In fact anything that does not happen. Why — this is somewhat lower. But I will say outright that the course text will try not to use titles aircraft types of bombs and missiles, TTX sighting and navigation systems. I will explain all fingers. In other words, to the readers of the weekly «MIC» seems a curious kind of operational-strategic and tactical physics.

Let’s start from the end. The fact that Syria is in a fairly short period just crushed a strong U.S. military machine, vibrations and at the moment we do not actually have real professionals. And when it happens at all, will probably follow shaft publications. Who will be analyzed prerequisites why Damascus was defeated so quickly and with such minimal losses from the Atlantic coalition. Among them, of course, will follow — Russian Alliance / Russian Federation put Syria worthless air defenses. They are completely ineffective against the combined air power of the West. Just not worth a penny, and the principles that underlie the construction of defense Syria.

Reputation of Russian weapons and military art (well, nothing to hide — the country as a whole) will once again dealt a blow. From it have quite a long time to recover.

But is it practical? In fact TTX and Syrian antiaircraft not so bad (except it is absolutely obsolete), and principles of the defense does not sinful. The essence here is different.

First we need to emphasize that the military and economic potential of Syria and the United States strongly incomparable. This opponents completely different weight categories. Already only then would not be worth to predict the course and ending of hostilities. He foregone conclusion even before the conflict began. Still dwell on why the likely military response to Syria will be the smallest.

United States has a big advantage in the modern means of reconnaissance. Beginning with optoelectronic and ending of cosmic intelligence. These abilities are even knowledgeable military professionals now underestimated. Americans are always two or three moves ahead of Bashar Assad. Them about the Syrian and his favorite of the army and at the moment virtually all clear, and it is about opposing enemy knows nothing. And how to conduct effective combat any act in similar criteria when the enemy still at the stage of the plan is quite familiar temper future retaliatory steps Assad is simply unrealistic.

Now, certainly, the most important thing — the United States has overwhelming in The advantage of electronic warfare means. And technologically (Well here is just a huge gap), and in all possible quantitative properties. On this we usually forgets, stumbling in the analysis of combat and operational capabilities of air defense on count types SAM / AAMS motivated channels, launchers and artillery pieces. If these calculations overlooked EW, the rest is you can not count. It makes no sense.

In other words, all radar and radio equipment of Bashar al-Assad since the start of the conflict will just blinded. Interference will put such power, such intensity and such unusual contrast (it is necessary to select particular) that from the first moment of the conflict would be completely unworkable system operation control of the armed forces of Syria. The Air Force will lose the ability to guidance on the purpose fighter aircraft. All available forces and air defenses Bashar al-Assad (note this day in almost all older) will be paralyzed.

And perhaps in this field of warfare from the Yankees for opposite Syrian control of something cooked nibudt special. From conflict to conflict, the United States will never be repeated. Patterns in this qualitative military tailor different every time. At the Yankees always have a surprise. And we learn about it only with the beginning of the conflict.

Consider the example only a few probable combat episodes.

Imagine yourself starting position for antiaircraft missile battalion. Command tries to reconnoiter enemy aircraft using SRP — radar reconnaissance and targeting. But to make it realistic. SRP is one hundred percent noise suppressed sights overwhelming power. Detuning means do not help, because the noise is blocked the entire operating range of the station. Moreover, a few seconds after the airing of SRP receives antenna aperture anti-radar missiles (PRR). The station is broken, payment radar incapacitated. Exactly the situation and CHP — station missile guidance zrdn (SAM Division). Radar quite depressed. Guidance on anti-aircraft guided missiles as unrealistic goal for this and for other reasons — channel remote control products are also supplied such interference, which exclude the process of missile guidance to the target. No radio and microwave communication with higher authorities and cooperating units — and they are suppressed. Wired communication channels incapacitated before the conflict began. Organized to conduct combat actions unreal. The starting position zrdn fray hail of bombs and missiles. Although essentially the same and pretty — 2000-pound JDAM. And this, we note only the classic process. Picture, based on the experience of past conflicts. In practice, the public must be manifested and numerous South American surprises, the essence of which is unknown yet.

Shooting anti-aircraft missiles in a similar conflict is impossible. In other words, fire Syrian air defenses in the best case will be able to carry out only mnogokalibernyh small caliber machine guns and anti-aircraft artillery cannon. If we consider that all means of air attack the United States will act at this moment on nonhazardous height (in other words, in the vast and medium altitudes, where no guns, no guns do not reach), the effectiveness of this fire will be zero. Is that the sky is dotted with traces high-explosive shells. Outside is fine, but no sense from this.

Approximately the same conditions will be made for the Yankees and fighter aircraft Bashar Assad. Interceptor aircraft — this is a very fundamental, but still only a link in the fighter cover. For example, for the guidance of the fighter in the neighborhood need to target the so-called control field. It is constructed on the basis of disk imaging radar RTV. Without these data, to bring the aircraft to intercept point is unrealistic. Teams from Fri guidance from either ACS IAP (Fighter Regiment) served on the radio. Now imagine for yourself — no field control (no radar disk imaging), paras guidance incapacitated, delivered by radio interference that any guidance the interceptor to the target completely unrealistic. What to do? Soar and create search enemy aircraft without the help of others, visually, as in the days of the second world war? Efficiency similar missions will be zero. So the big question — Will it fly in principle, as from the first seconds of the conflict runways of airfields Bashar al-Assad will be out of action, and the aircraft struck by either parked or in arched shelters.

In other words, not winning the battle for air, completely unrealistic read about what else the successful conduct of hostilities. A chance to win airtime fight Syria — due to circumstances completely impartial — zero.

Among other things, the air defense of Syria now not represent a holistic system. And it’s quite logical. The country is the third year of the war goes civilians. Entire town demolished by zero, turned into a kind of debris. In similar criteria talk about the Syrian air defense system as it is not probable. Is perhaps that some pieces. And for the most part of armament and military equipment a day or the day before.

Follow a very important point. U.S. will strike with lines and areas where funds can not get active opposition in Syria. In other words, at first using the EW Syrian army zavyazhutsya eyes, and then the Americans will beat her at all with impunity. In other words, the level of professional boxer Mike Tyson starts pounding like a pear, of subtle botany student even with tight bandage on sight. Had a similar match in fact, frail freshman would be sent into the deepest knockout in the third seconds of the fight. But the Yankees ending the military conflict itself is not satisfied. They will beat Assad and his army of more than 2 months, chasing each taken separately Syrian tanks for each gun for each fighting machine until power from former Syrian remains burnt mountain of scrap metal.

With the Air Force and the U.S. Navy would be instantly shot down a peg, start Syrians applied painful blows on aircraft carriers, air bases, submarines, cruisers and destroyers, aircraft distant early warning and control, jammers, strategic reconnaissance plane.

But they fail to do this for two reasons. First — such means they do not have. And those that are available to them, the desired range of lesions do not own. And they also will not be able to act alone in the criteria naisilneyshy electronic countermeasures.

Second and most important — even a very effective means of defense in the class (for example, the same IRC «Armour») does not show the full own fighting properties, it appear it is, figuratively speaking, not in a single combat system. This complex — not fabulous magic sword (as well as other anti-aircraft missile system). And it is not because he is bad. He principled, but just barely brick in the building of modern defense.

For example, to close SAM acts fully demonstrated its performance characteristics, it should be skompleksirovan with SAM / AAMS small, medium and long range (for each means of air attack — own more suitable answer). In turn, SAM and SAM systems should be in the densest assistance with fighter aircraft and the Air Force as a whole. Grouping defense forces should be provided with a highly effective means of conducting electronic warfare and intelligence, armed with modern automatic control, radar information provided.

And most importantly — a hypothetical enemy round the clock must be under constant fire exposure. His command and communication centers, airfields, aircraft carriers and naval strike groups in continuous need to expose a massive air and missile bombing assault against. In other words, the other side of the armed conflict need to have long-range high-precision weapons in the ordinary gear, capable of operating in the criteria of strong jamming.

Only in this case can be read on the equivalent armed confrontation. In another no matter what the military campaign gets temper impunity beaten by opponents such as the United States. In this embodiment, the Americans resemble medieval knights who in the oppression of the peasant uprisings broke at full tilt in the crowd ploughmen and herdsmen, armed with scythes, axes and pitchforks, and his delight in chopping them left and right, without incurring all this any losses. And in this case, the army Assad — a mass of farmers, filled with the peaks of the converted braid.

Now a few words about the morale of the troops under constant fire impact of modern aircraft weapons. Imagine for yourself mechanized infantry battalion, which took up defensive positions (so called prepared battalion defense area). Above him proparhal fighter-bomber and threw several bombs JDAM. In the old days in the case of the introduction of free-fall bombs on probability chances of survival for personnel and equipment could be very high. At the moment, a very different picture. Slip type JDAM munitions until just a few meters. And even if the enemy threw a few bombs, then any of them fall into the sensitive elements order of battle — in-command of the battalion observation post, the position of the mortar battery battalion ammunition dump dugout commander, nestled in the trenches infantry fighting vehicles. Accidents will not happen. Will this picture: one ammo — one struck object. Now imagine the morale of the troops, who are under the blows of this type week. A month? And more?

And, as the head output. And how many different modern Russian army from the current Syrian (during combat operations only ordinary means of destruction)? Need to give a frank answer to this question — very few. In the best case, only the number. Our armed forces are not, so to speak, well organized single combat system, which might be linked organically defensive and offensive weapons.

Namely, the size of the military and air defense forces after numerous reforms do not meet even the lowest requirements to maintain the right balance of forces and assets in strategic sectors. And after orgshtatnyh transformations in recent years defense / aerospace defense and not a single military body. We have until now not long-range high-precision weapons and their carriers (except perhaps a few of the most experienced). As for EW, you should probably lead just one example. On any of the American carriers have several specialized electronic warfare aircraft. We have all the Armed Forces no 1st. I stress again — no 1st.

What we are left with the rather the highest level? Only strategic nuclear forces. But at the highest it? This is also the question now. Anyway last start «Bulava» forces us to question in this.

Misha Khodarenok

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