Alexander Kozulin allowed another month does not work

Olga Dashkevich: the absence of complaints from the offspring — diplomatic west
Favorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich contained in Shklou colony, visited by the head of the OSCE mission in Minsk Ake Peterson. That’s what my mother Olga prisoner Dashkevich told about how there was this meeting, according to officials of the OSCE mission.
"No matter what he did not complain, was that relate to it perfectly. Apparently, respected as a political leader. Newspapers same reading, writing them reach. Problems with him at their no."
With all this Dashkevich Olga recalled that earlier in the offspring in the colony imposed three penalty Tipo for breaches of discipline. Mom prisoner implies that the absence of complaints from the son to the appeal in the colony — faster diplomatic west.
Kozulin will come out of a hunger strike for a month
The fact that Alexander Kozulin another month extended a special regime that facilitates the exit of the hunger strike, told daughter Julia policy Kozulin.
"Tattoo assigned diet, it does not work, but it is at all events in the colony."
Alyaksandr Kozulin held hunger strike for 53 days and this time lost over 20 kg. Already more than 2 months, Alexander Kozulin is on a special mode to exit the hunger strike.
Artur Finkevich: dorm virtually no ability to learn
Youth activist Artur Finkevich, serving "chemistry" in Mogilev, even in Last year began studying political scientist at the European Humanities Institute. Trained activist in absentia. Reading books, doing writing assignments, when it finds the middle of working a day or free time. In the hostel there is practically no ability to learn, says Arthur.
"I have three checks for the evening, three! Naturally, you can find a little time on across the bottom, in the lobby, a place to read something. But after a day or working, to be honest, it’s hard."
In March Statkievich vacation will not be allowed
On this week to a favorite Social Democrats came Statkevich highest guest — German Martin Geker salting. I recall serving Statkevich two years "Chemistry" in the village of Blon in Pukhovichi region. The politician told about what happened immediately after, the emperor Geker him left.
"Immediately after salting left, and I went to work, came some men in civilian clothes. They are within 10 minutes were in my room. But I checked: products and gifts that brought salting Germany, have not disappeared. Sausages no one ate, such makarom, everything is fine … "
Incidentally, Nikolai Statkevich this week officially said that a vacation in March it will not let go. Over the past six months, "chemistry" Statkevich had only one holiday.
In Sevyarinets "everything is fine"; Sadovskaya: "Letters home do not reach"
But youth activist Paul Seviarynets expects to go home on leave March 8-11. Activist serving a sentence restriction of freedom in over 2 years in a small village Sitna Polotsk district. Mom told Tatiana prisoner.
"Yesterday it was the guys from Novopolotsk. They say it all perfectly. Frosts survived normally, in his warm room. Mittens for him to handle newer."
The latest news from the defenders Catherine Sadouskaya this: lady complains that some of her letters home does not reach. She explains prison censorship.

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