Alexander Kozulin extended output mode of hunger strike

"Special regime for Alexander Kozulin was not completed. Yet lasts all" — said, "Freedom" Ruslan Primak, deputy chief of the colony "Vitsba-3" where contain Alexander Kozulin.
Earlier, lawyers and relatives of the convict colony states that on February 15 Alexander Kozulin translate into everyday regime of detention and forced to work again. At the moment, Alexander Kozulin as before has the right not to go to work — his gaze doctor, he gets a special diet, taking into account the former hunger strike.
However, on the current state of health Kozulin policeman refused to read.
In Last year in December, after a hunger strike that lasted a day or 53, by Alexander Kozulinfelt very bad. During a visit with relatives, he stated: "There was a sense that the body will break at the moment." In politics swollen feet and hands, fell sharply pressure. Prison doctors recommend Alexander Kozulin lie and especially eating. That it means, explained the politician’s wife Ira Kazulina:
Kozulin: "This is where it can get the products from milk, something special to get food stall and has the right to prepare special meals. "
Last Ira Kozulin seen with her husband at the end of January. Lady recalls that Alexander Kozulin kept cheerfully, but noted that "from the previous figure was nothing left, the former weight to it and did not come back, arms and legs swollen as before."
Ira Kozulin in favor of the continuation of special treatment for her husband until he recovers.
Kozulin: "If only to stop this mode, it will be very a severe blow to his health. Do not know how it will continue to exist, because the food that is given in the colony, his body does not perceive. "

The last presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin was sentenced to 5 ½ years in prison — he was charged with disorderly conduct and organization of the riots last year on March 25. Themselves guilty politician recognizes and explains persecution for political reasons. The U.S. and the EU countries require the Belarusian authorities to release political prisoners — and Alexander Kozulin in including.

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