Alexander Milinkevich calls EU policy is very insightful

Employee of the German embassy in Minsk said that meetings were held with representatives of the EU heads of many political parties and public organizations Belarus. He also explained that it was a visit to the secretariat of the Board of the Euro and not the German presidency of the EU. Other details of the delegation’s stay in Minsk, he did not show. The delegation met the representatives of the united opposition — the chairman of the political council of Alexander Milinkevich favorites» Joint civilian Party Anatol Lyabedzka and the Party of Communists of Belarus Sergei Kalyakin.
Alexander Milinkevich fell ill, and his conclusions about the meetings with the delegation, told the press secretary Pavel Mazhejka:
"Alexander Milinkevich referred to the policies that are now in relation to Belarus leads the European alliance, very insightful. In his view, Europe has a lot of abilities actually influence the development of the situation in Belarus. But from time to time perastseragaetstsa vain. "
Alexander Milinkevich will insist that the European dialogue with the Belarusian regime is likely only after the criteria set out in the appeal to the Belarusian government and people.
"Also Milinkevich senior European diplomat said that evrapetsy should not believe assurances, and a real step of the Belarusian authorities. And also identified that the effectiveness of the European dialogue with Lukashenka’s regime can be read only with the participation of the democratic forces of Belarus. "
Also its position on the situation in Belarus delegation from Brussels expressed by representatives civilian society and the official Minsk. Solana met with representatives of the Minister Foreign Affairs Belarus Sergei Martynov. The delegation should summarize the visit and work out tips.
Recall that in November 2006 The European Commission has named twelve specific conditions under which the European Union is ready to go to Minsk significant concessions — to open their markets Belarusian products, to provide financial assistance to Belarusian companies, and simplify the visa regime so on. Instead, the official Minsk must meet the conditions, chief among them — the release of political prisoners, cease persecution of the opposition, freedom of the press, free elections and more.

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