Alexander Milinkevich met with the ambassadors of the European Union

All the ambassadors of the European Union, accredited in Belarus (among them representatives of Germany, France, England, Poland, Czech Republic) took part in the meeting with Alexander Milinkevich. It lasted more than an hour at the Embassy of France. Open a discussion political situation in Belarus, the EU proposals made Alexander Lukashenko. Main theme, according Milinkevich was a celebration of the 25th of March. Milinkevich invited a number of European politicians and parliamentarians to take part in the celebration of days will in Minsk. Already have consent from the Vice-President of the European Parliament, an Italian favorite Mario Moors and the Christian Democratic Union, the right hand of the Chancellor of Germany, the emperor Pofalla, says Alexander Milinkevich.
"They just want the information, it would be. I stated that we want to make a rally, concert, we would wish to today was designated as a minimum, a virtual bridge between Berlin and Minsk, because in Berlin today celebrated ’50 European Union. Certainly, for most of those who gather in the square, particularly the European choice — one of the goals in the development of Belarus. "
Open a discussion whether the issue of extending the EU sanctions against Belarus?
"Now there was such a solemn occasion, we had read about the 25th and about boring things like sanctions, we do not read".
According to Milinkevich, representatives of the European Union believe that withdid everything necessary in order to show openness Belarus, for the euro cooperation. Recall, the European Union made a number of demands to the Belarusian authorities, among which the release of all political prisoners, freedom of speech and demonstrations, the democratization of the electoral process.
"But at the moment Belarus should respond. They expect certain steps. And this step is to make the Belarusian authorities. While there were only words, you should expect. Belarusian authorities at the moment has the potential to make the country very many decent, which may be for due to the fact that we are neighbors of the EU. there are special programs from neighborliness, we had absolutely no use. Acts will be only when the Belarusian government, the Belarusian authorities demonstrate the desire to go on track. It should make the first step. "
Salting Germany which is presently EU Presidency, Martin Hecker briefly commented the results of his meeting with Alexander Milinkevich:
"I just I can tell, it’s always interesting to meet all the forces of the country. It is always very useful for us. "
Salting said that soon arrives in Minsk Delegation of the European Union, High Representative of the Union focused on foreign policy chief Javier Solana. According to Hecker, will open a discussion of fundamental importance to EU issues is expected to meet with representatives of all the political forces of the country. For renewal of the EU sanctions against Belarusian officials, sire Hecker said, that there yet there is no answer.
Tomorrow in Minsk Alexander Milinkevich plans meet with representatives Havera Solana to discuss the situation in Belarus, relations with the EU and Russia, as the situation in the united opposition.

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