Alexander Milinkevich urged to support the compromise for the sake of unity

Milinkevich Vecherko sovereign approves the proposal on the timing, format and content of the Congress Democratic Forces. It may be a good step to start discussions about the decision problems.
Alexander Milinkevich urged all actors and all coalition democratic society in Belarus possible faster express their attitude to this proposal and jointly contribute to the preservation of unity.
A.Milinkevich said: "Situation in Belarus and around it escalates. There is a threat to independence and economic forces kryzysu.Demakratychnym our country, more than ever, very principle promptly and properly respond to the challenges of our time. The current state of the united democratic forces inside can be described as unsatisfactory, due to the lack of unity coalition subjects more fundamental issues inside coalition building. In this state, the UDF can not perfectly participate in the political life of the country and reconcile the hopes lozhut us Belarusian citizens. We really need some suggestions aimed at reaching a compromise. "

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