Alexander Wojtowicz: Everything can be done neatly

Recording video clips transmission (5,8 Mb).

Response to electrical correspondence Eduard Konstantinovich Gomel: "For you hunt democracy. But you academician, not private, and should be aware that if a change of government will fall and let the poor, but the stability of the majority of the population, will rampant redistribution of property on sight alone will richer and the other converted into beggars jump crime, fierce showdown so many innocent die … It’s true, you will agree! Then — may need a third way? What specifically? "
Wojtowicz: "That’s not true, this is you look at any individual country. Not in all statesah configuration so happened, as you describe them. Here I bring to you such as Slovenia. None of this happened in Slovenia … "
Listen to the transfer of Alexander Ulitenko the evening air on Friday, March 2.

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