Alexei Marochkin presents a picture of For Freedom! Area Kalinowski

First sketches Marochkin Alex was going to do more in Last year March 20, but did not, because as soon as the tent camp was liquidated by the authorities. Painter began work on the painting after March 25 2006.
In an interview with a member of the Freedom Union painters Belarus Alexei Marochkin noted that the picture will be taken to diversify because it multi-faceted, and it has a lot of associations, which are not easy to solve.
Marochkin "The most important thing, that is read — this is positive. On the frontal plane — the boy with the flag of the European Union and the young woman with white-red-white flag. They symbolize the youth of today. "
Interview with Alexei Marochkin — later on our web site and in the evening air.

Piece picture taken from the web site BPF

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