Algirdas Brazauskas — against the isolation of Belarus (refreshed)

"Belarus does not need to be isolated, as well as the government — a neighbor of the European Union, the European society must have a clear example program in Belarus," — said Algirdas Brazauskas, the favorite of the ruling Social Democratic Party of Lithuania, in an interview with radio station Ziniu radijas. "With Belarus Lithuania has a huge amount of economic relations, the mass of interest, including energy, because the case should be adjusted very deliberately." Sovereign Brazauskas said applicable meeting with Alexander Lukashenko, but that he needed EU capabilities.
I recall that yesterday the EU High Representative for foreign policy chief Javier Solana said that Europe has some ability to adjust or do certain things with Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus.
Director of the Institute of international relations and Political Science of Vilnius Institute Raimundas Lopata notes that in the interests of Lithuania have self-contained, predictable and democratic neighbor:
"The question is how to assist a friend, so that he became. This does not mean that ignored the submission of the Belarusian people. He must find. The problem is that we are convinced that there is no criterion in Belarus, so that people could express their thoughts. Notwithstanding this, of course, we wish to promote. question is, in what ways and means. In this context, then, that read President Brazauskas, corresponds to what they want all the neighbors of Belarus. "
Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for NATO Lithuanian Seimas Vaclav Stankiewicz believes very topical application Algirdas Brazauskas:
"Belarus is currently at a crossroads. I mean the ratio of the main ally of Russia. We must, as can be, and often actively speak Belarusian theme, and not only with the EU countries, and Belarus. As a neighboring country, Lithuania should, and could lend a helping hand, and under no circumstances is not isolated. Isolation of Belarus drives into a corner, and the Belarusian government has no other abilities as to make contact with countries such as Syria, Iran, North Korea and t . etc.. We should read not only the economic and cultural themes that didaxis before a day or also try to find a common sight in the political arena. "
Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk Vyachorka pays attention to the fact that we should not identify concepts such as the Belarusian people and the Belarusian government:.
"I am convinced that working-level contacts and discussions that relate to energy, economic ties should occur, but they happen. Necessary to prepare to Belarus will be included in the economic, energy and political system of the united Europe. But as for political contacts at the level of control of Lukashenko country, then surely you need to refrain from to addition time, until they are obviously and clearly made steps to democratization our country . "
In November 2006 the European Commission named twelve specific conditions under which the European Union is ready to go to Minsk significant concessions — to open their markets Belarusian products, to provide financial assistance to Belarusian firms simplify the visa regime, etc.. Instead, the official Minsk must meet the conditions, chief among them — the release of political prisoners, cease persecution of the opposition, freedom of the press, free elections and more.
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