Ambassadors will appreciate the opportunity to trade on (refreshed)

The foreign trade turnover — one billion in favor of imports
Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky, who participated in the meeting, recalled: in Last year negative trade balance of Belarus amounted to 1 billion dollars.
In This year government wants to create a positive balance total — 500-600 million dollars. Because activities of Belarusian diplomatic missions abroad will be evaluated before the export figures in the appropriate country.
"The Poles are potentially ready to receive sophisticated technique Belarusian production"
Salting in Poland Pavel Latushko pleased that four last year Belarusian exports increased 3.8 times — largely through the sale of tractors, buses and other complex equipment.
"Polish client ready to receive potentially complex technique in Belarus. This year we will also increase the volume of sales, with a minimum of equipment" Amkodor "that may be associated with infrastructure projects undertaken in the Polish market for construction of new roads," — says the Belarusian salting in Poland Pavel Latushko.
"It does not always depends on the work of the Embassy"
Previous Belarusian diplomat, now a teacher of international relations faculty of the Belarusian Institute of municipal Botian Misha says that such an approach to the evaluation of the work of diplomats existed in his time:
"I always tell my students their own, that the overriding concern of our embassies abroad — economic and trade cooperation and investment from abroad verbovanie. And On the other hand, sure, it is very challenging it looks when work embassy evaluated only on the size of exports. It is not always depending on the work of the embassy. From time to time and without special role diplomats export increases. And from time to time and sometimes overlooked — diplomats as fighting fish on the ice, but nothing comes out of it. "
Mikhail Marynich: "It is totally unrealistic"
Misha Marinich, last Minister of Foreign Economic Relations, salting in the Czech Republic, Latvia and Finland, does not see the ability to make this year the balance of foreign trade of Belarus positive:
"This is totally unrealistic. There is no prospects. Now the industry is not able to solve these difficulties, since it does not have investments. Depreciation of fixed assets — tragic, more than 80%. So on than one read? What competition can present Belarusian export products? "
Views on sovereign Marinich magnitude of the negative balance before the end of the year will increase faster than the decrease.

According to agency "Interfax", in January 2007 Belarus again had a negative balance in the external trade. It amounted to 362.5 million dollars, against a positive balance (36.3 million dollars) in January 2006.

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