American people deported from Belarus (refreshed)

According to the official explanation, foreign citizens Tipo illegally produced and taught religious activities. All Americans fined one base value. Forbade them to visit Belarus for 2 years.
Americans were in Mogilev on February 5. They invited the union "Stefanus" — in the charity event "British language for all" they were free workshops British language. Classes are held in the church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists.
February 9 during class employees of the department of Citizenship and movement were detained and taken all the Yankees to the police department. After the protocol on administrative offense and prophylactic conversation were released.
February 15 South American citizens were told that must leave Belarus.
Managing association "Stefanus" Dmitry Kantsavenka wants to appeal to a tribunal. According to his opinion, illegal deportation of his guests. He is convinced that the case against the American people fabricated. Him as the person who invited foreigners in Belarus to This time not given access to the file.

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