Anaphylactic shock (anaphylaxis)

Anaphylactic shock (anaphylaxis).  Photo from

What is it?

Anaphylactic shock — an acute allergic reaction common in humans, occurring in repeated contact with the allergen.

Anaphylaxis can be caused by any allergen, but often they are the insect venom, some products or drugs. Contact with the allergen into the body starts the discharge of substances responsible for the inflammatory reaction. So narrowed airways in the lungs wheezing occur, the blood vessels expand, blood pressure decreases, blood vessels begin to pass the blood plasma and there is swelling, the heart begins to malfunction and worse pumping blood.

How to recognize?

Symptoms develop very quickly. Man starts to feel bad, he has the excitement quickens the heartbeat, itching, redness, swelling, coughing, hives, difficulty breathing.

The more dangerous?

Anaphylactic shock — a potentially life-threatening reaction. Anaphylaxis can progress so rapidly that collapse, convulsions, unconsciousness, or stroke occur within 1-2 minutes. Therefore without emergency medical care man could die.


Treatment of anaphylactic shock should be performed only by qualified specialist thereforethe success of the treatment and prognosis depend on the time of calling an ambulance and delivering the patient to the hospital.


A person who has had anaphylactic shock, a high likelihood of recurrence of the condition. Therefore, people will inevitably encounter an allergen (eg, bees in the country) shows the long-term immunotherapy.

Before administration of drugs that can cause anaphylaxis, skin tests or prescribe antihistamines.

All new drugs are required to be entered in these patients in the hospital and under medical supervision.

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