Anatoly whitewashed: Our web site — a unique phenomenon

Through a search engine on the web dial the address of the new website The monitor — Page "Anatole of the White Fund" and references to headings — "Farmstead Museum", "painting", "Graphics" Statue. "This — the usual. But the remarkable thing — the image in the metal fighters for an independent Belarus: Kalinowski, Kosciuszko, Zakharkov, seething. enthusiasm to the collection of these medals sought clarification of the owner.
"There are 35 files — told Anatoly whitewashed. — But among them — stands. And on the shield — 25-30 works. It as statedcamping, first swallow. The web site is currently 500 artworks. And later still appears about one thousand. This is a unique phenomenon in the Belarusian history and culture. "
On present day Museum in the old road — is 5 buildings on two floors. Here, more than 500 square meters ekspazytsyynay area. The halls are located 1200 exhibits. They all get electric postscript.
"I already got a call from the United States, Peter, from Italy — shared reaction to the website Anatoly whitewashed. — Frankly, I do not vazhyvsya long time to begin this work. And now realized that all the same it is. What abilities! For this — the future. "
To a request for an expert evaluation website in Minsk responded recognizable computer spec Karalenka Fedor: "Create a high quality website that would prof — it’s pretty expensive work. As for uniqueness, I "ran" on Belarusian websites museums — they really are not many. Strongly enough. "
Reporter: "What I did Anatoly whitewashed causes reverence? "
Karalenka: "Absolutely. Big thanks to him to say. Job made tremendous."

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