And we will live up to condemn the defenders of Stalinism?

Anastas S.: "Very pochetaemy emperor Alexander Milinkevich! You stated that Congress democratic forces to participate will not. Your decision is a correct and timely. Let stately policy Anatoly Lebedko, Vintsuk Vyachorka conduct their own Congress. I’m on this topic already read. He completely broke. If you want to develop the latest program from this point, I can offer them 10-15 people who can solve this issue. Now it is necessary to prepare for the election of a president. I am confident that the elections will be This year. Here it is necessary to prevent the Russian mafia henchman, so as not to make a mistake 94 years. Long live Belarus! "
Man: "The lack of prosecution of the last dictator of Europe international court — is the result of inactivity opposition. A because it, certainly one way to get rid of a despot. "
Man: "In Germany defender condemned fascism to 5 years. And we will live up to condemn the defenders of Stalinism? Stalinists killed conscientious and intelligent people with their descendants. In other words with the children. And we are governed by the descendants of the main allies of Stalin. How to be? "
Man: "The Communists did their dark matter: mandates, congresses, rotation … This communist paraphernalia, unfortunately, has had a tremendous impact on the BNF favorites and played a divisive role. Favourites BNF preferred Communist ideas. Indicates the alliance was initially against Milinkevich . His decision I approve and support. did Alexander Milinkevich true. "
Lady: "horses in midstream is not. Naturally, Milinkevich own political figure in the series looks blankly "steel Felix" and the invincible descendants. But keep in mind that most of the supporters voted for change Milinkevich. Well, just a politician with sharpened edges. It’s not our hero. "

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