Area eyes Alexei Marochkina

First sketches for the painting Marochkin Alex was going to do more in Last year during protests on October Square, but did not — a tent camp was liquidated. Painter began work on the painting after March 25 2006.
In an interview with "Freedom" member of the Union of Belarus painters Alexei Marochkin noted that the picture will be taken to diversify because it multi-faceted and there are many allusions, which are not easy to solve.
Marochkin "The most important thing, that is read — this is positive. Wheel figure — a young man with a flag of the European Union and the young woman with white-red-white flag, which symbolize the youth of today. In the background there is a negative. I show our ancestors — warriors with spears and flags of the then. Woodpecker on a column suddenly soared, or "snitch" or someone else. On the roofs of the Palace of the Republic and other buildings are sitting — NOT killers killers, but those who look with a telescopic sight for all the people who are on the square. "
Alexei Marochkin states that this painting is different from his past works. This picture plyakatnaga character, and many of its characters are very realistic.
Marochkin: "Absolutely everything is written close to reality. Even photos close to reality. There you can see and Akalovich priest who prayed for the youth in the square. There you can see and the other already well-known people — the same Milinkevich and Kozulin. And the same big banner "Area Kalinouski."
In the picture there are negative images of the characters. Mustachioed balding uncle gets out of the hatch on the square, you can see the reddish Barat control commandos. Sovereign Marochkin clarifies that it’s only the images that you can see the each in its own way.
Marochkin "picture may be associations with different characters. In the center (many not solved) sits grandmother and peeling potatoes and potatoes scattered on this site. This — the ancient Belarus, is what draws the chief of the country. And next to a washing machine Russian timesand the sign of the property. Detail everything is there. Even on each leaflet there fly, something written. "
I draw your attention artist, painting in warm tones, to the same people are dressed in the spring, and no sense of cold, standing during the March events in the square. Or such move was prompted by the very thought works — give positive? Alexei Sailor says:
Marochkin: "To be honest demonstrate all that happened, then, in principle, no victory came. Machala youth, youth ledenela. Bulldozers were cleaned this area. I went the other way — romantic-reverent look at where the positive, negative and where. "
Painting "For Freedom! Kalinouski Square" — big enough almost two by two meters. While the blade is not exposed. His piece situated website BPF. The presentation of this and other paintings by Alexei Marochkina be held on March 2 in the office BPF in the exhibition "Belarus liberation resistance."

Piece picture taken from the web site BPF

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