Art Therapy


First, the term "art therapy" coined Adrian Hill at the description of his work with tuberculosis patients in sanatoriums. Art therapy — a form of psychotherapy, specializing in the arts, in the first place — for the fine. However, there are other types of art therapy — music therapy, skazkoterapiya, body oriented therapy.

Art therapy emerged in the context of psychoanalytic ideas of Freud and Jung because freedom of expression and the use of the imagination can come face-to-face client's conscious and unconscious

Art Therapy may be a primary method of treatment and support. In any case, it has two impact mechanism. First of all, the art of covert allows symbolically reconstruct conflict traumatic situation and find its solution through perestruktirirovanie by the client. Creativity — is one means of overcoming the fear that arose in connection with the internal conflict.

Secondly, art therapy, being a full-fledged creative act, the author brings pleasure. However, clients express their feelings as much as possible spontaneously and randomly, without worrying about the artistic merits of his work. In conducting art therapy is important creative act itself, but also features internal world of the creator, which are disclosed in the process.

Art therapy allows you to:

— "Let off some steam" — that is, to give a socially acceptable way of aggression and other negative feelings.

— Facilitate process therapy. Neosoznovaemye internal conflicts and emotions is often easier to express through visual images than to express in a verbal correction, as the non-verbal communication is better elude censorship of consciousness.

— Work out the thoughts and feelings that client used to suppress. Sometimes nonverbal means the only possible to express strong perezhimvany.

— To improve relations between the psychologist and the client. Joint participation in artistic activities can facilitate the mutual acceptance.

— To focus on the sensations and feelings. Art Therapy provides a good opportunity to experiment with visual and kinesthetic sensations.

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