As in Belarus react to new visa sanctions by the United States?

To the list of restricted to travel abroad were attached: Attorney General Peter Miklashevich police special forces regiment commander Yury Padabed, ministers of education and disk imaging, respectively, and Vladimir Alexander Radkov Rusakievich, last Interior Minister Yuri Sivakov and head of the Ministry of public associations» Justice Oleg Slizhevsky.
The relevant decree posted on the official website of the Ministry of money the United States. According to him, decided to freeze all assets under U.S. jurisdiction referred to people of Belarus. Also banned U.S. citizens to have a business relationship with these individuals.
Deputy chairman of the international affairs of the House of Representatives Anatoly Krasutski believes that the introduction of new sanctions are two reasons: "first — it’s publicity stunt, designed for a rather complex and diversified political situation inside the United States. And second — is the impact on their own partners in Europe, that they have stepped up the pressure and pressure on Belarus. "
Clearly, in these days of the U.S. delegation is opposition politicians in Belarus. Could their visit overseas provoke new sanctions from the United States?
Member of the Political Council of the United civilian party» Alexander Dobrovolsky such communication does not see:
"I think it’s a coincidence, since such decisions are usually prepared for a long time. This takes time. And because simply impossible — to take and make a decision only came as a guest.
How effective these sanctions? It can open a discussion. This is not always the effect. For example, many of those who are listed in these lists, visited the countries where they are prohibited vyazhzhats. Although, I think, still it gives a certain effect, as there are people who still have not got there. And they can imagine that in the civilized world, the road will be closed to them. "
Contact persons who specifically came under new sanctions, could not — they either "very busy" (for assistants and secretaries), or do not respond to calls.
In a statement the Ministry of money the U.S. noted that the Belarusian bureaucrats who have fallen under the sanctions, "play an important role in the despotic regime of Alexander Lukashenko." "Some of them participated in the persecution of civilian hard society and democratic opposition in March 2006 during the presidential elections held on violations of international electoral law" — the document says.
So Makar, the number of officials have come under U.S. sanctions, has grown to 16 — June 19, 2006, President Bush signed a decree on monetary sanctions against 10 individuals. Then in the list included:
Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko,
Assistant President Viktor Lukashenko,
Managing the administration of President Sheiman ,
deputy head of the presidential administration Natalia Pyatkevich,
minister of justice Viktor Golovanov,
Secretary of the Interior Vladimir Naumov,
Chairman of the KGB Stepan Sukharenko,
Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yermoshina,
Chairman of the State Television and Radio Alexander Zimouski,
Interior Troops Commander spetsbrigady Dmitry Paulichenka.

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