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At gunpoint sociologists, physicians and fans preach strict moral principles was a new category of sexual minorities — the so-called asexuals.

Representatives of sexual minorities are still (toasexuals is 1% of the inhabitants of our planet) preach only platonic relationships with the opposite sex. In their view, the relationship between a man and a woman should be based solely on emotional intimacy. This and only this love, they believe, may be the most robust and complete.

The general public was trying to be suspected asexuals in a hidden homosexuality. However, they equally do not recognize and sexual contact with persons of the same sex.

In normal

The World sexological congress held a few years ago in Montreal, came to the conclusion that asexuals are divided into two categories.

  • One sex is not needed for medical reasons: lack of sexual desire can arise because of neuroendocrine disorders or organic diseases of the brain and spinal cord, because of intoxication and depression.
  • Others want their mission statements just to get attention. But this humanity has already passed: it is enough to recall the punks with their green and pink ridges of hair.

In this case, doctors refuse to acknowledge asexuals mentally abnormal. And doctors can understand well how can you call people crazy only in that they have some proactive stance. After all, we do not consider someone nuts only for the fact that he does not like to sing, andbecause singing — is also one of the natural human desires.

However, according to some psychologists, the basis for this behavior lies biomedical pathology. Often sexual disorientation associated with serious complexes and psychological trauma, acquired in childhood or adolescence.

The world the basic instinct

So maybe asexuality — a good reason in order to create a sublimation some dizzying masterpiece in art? That is to say, to direct energy for peaceful purposes. It is impossible. That's how people that any art that lies outside the sexual relationship and has no basis in a sexual context is initially flawed — in nature. And the examples here not far to seek: it is unlikely we would have admired by such masterpieces as the poetry of Petrarch, or Rembrandt, if it were not for their overwhelming physical attraction to their muses — Laura and Saskia.

So while asexuals can only communicate in interest clubs and attract the attention of the lay hearing unusual for policy statements. And all the rest — to shake his head in surprise, exclaiming after Madame Orlovich from the movie "The Pokrovsky Gates": "High … high attitude!"

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