At the border crossing Bruzgi — Forge Bialystok again huge queues

Such large car line that cross border last time before the New Year. Everyone expected that with the introduction of the customs design on car fuel they all disappear. But while the total working.
Some drivers are from eight o’clock in the evening of the last day, felt that the atmosphere is tense.
Lady: "Poor became quite bad and we are not happy unless we stand with the fifth morning."
Man: "On the fifth morning, and no one has ever pulled."
Man: "Do not let perfect, and so it was yesterday."
Reporter: "And what is the reason that so?"
2nd man: "Excellent nobody knows anything: some they say, it is necessary to declare the fuel, the other states that do not declare."
Was a man who yesterday tried to cross the frontier, but it returned. I ask him about the configuration:
Man: "You need to fill in the declaration, and require a power of attorney on the machine, if framed for someone else. This is despite the fact that by law they are canceled."
Reporter: "And how collate how many are carrying fuel?"
Man: "Well, how — on the eye. From next day forbid taking fuel in the canister. This means, If I eat somewhere in Szczecin, then not finishing their own fuel. And then we got there we go — to earn a little and solve their problems. "
In particular, people resent the fact that no of information. Municipal media they say about something else entirely. Not so long ago Grodno radio said that the queues at the border is not at all, and in yesterday’s reportage on BT knew of "big earnings" carriers of fuel.
Lady: "Seven bucks earn Local 100 liters, as they say, that we have this $ 100. As it is absurd."
About us passing van. Do not have time to see riot police are sitting in the car, but the car turned around and stands next to the gate. Drove more cars GAI.
Machine duty here for several hours.
Ask people goodbye — what will do when in the transportation of fuel to make fail?
Voices: "I do not know, have to go rob. A what to do? .. And I have a two bedroom apartment — how to pay? And the kids … And I have a wife and two kids malehankih, spouse maternity … And my fourteen and thirteen … Sixty thousand give fiat — lived a. Yes, not even enough for diapers … "

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