At the shipyard, «Hyundai Heavy Industries» launched a second project FFX frigate

At the shipyard,
TSAMTO, July 19. At the shipyard, «Hyundai Heavy Industries’ (Hyundai Heavy Industries) was held July 18 launch of the second 2300-ton frigate project FFX, created to supply the Republic of Korea Navy.

Launch ceremony was held at the company in Ulsan. The frigate was named «Genggi» (Gyeonggi). As planned, it will be passed RK Navy next year, and its combat use to start in 2015, reports «Yonhap».

Head frigate series, FFG-811 «Inchon» was handed the Republic of Korea Navy January 18 during a ceremony held at the naval base Dzhinhe (Jinhae).

In the future, the project FFX ships will change the armament 9 Republic of Korea Navy lung class frigates «Ulsan», set in 1980-1992., Also class corvettes «Hoi» and «Pohang» which were adopted by the first 1980s.

The company «Hyundai Heavy Industries» was selected contractor for the construction project FFX frigate head in December 2008. Price agreement was approximately $ 300 million. In late 2010, with the «Hyundai» an agreement was signed for the construction of the second and third series of frigates. In 2011, with the company «STX Offshore Shipbuilding End» was contracted to build for the Navy RK 4th and 5th class ships «Inchon.»

By the end of 2015 Republic of Korea Navy plans to build a 6 or 7 series frigates. By 2020, the total number of FFX frigates should rise to 20. With all this planned to build six ships in the second batch and 7 — in the third.

FFX is a multipurpose frigate warship equipped with advanced weapons systems that will use it to air, anti-submarine, anti-reconnaissance and combat in coastal areas. It offers advanced capabilities to provide air defense and anti-submarine, also overpriced firepower compared with class frigates «Ulsan.»

Displacement 114.3-meter frigate of 3250 tons. Ships equipped CODOG combined power plant with 2 turbines LM2500, with 2 diesel engines and 4 sets of diesel generators. The highest rate frigate — 30 knots (55.6 km / h), the crew — 120 people.

Frigate armed with 127-mm artillery installation Mk-45 Mod.4, PU Mk.49 GMLS Zour with RIM-116, ZAC «Phalanx» Blok.1B, 2 quad units with medium-range anti-ship missiles SSM-700K «Seong Hai» («Starfish») and 2 three-tube 324-mm torpedo tubes with light torpedoes K745 «Blue Shark.» Presumably, the frigate can also carry four cruise missiles «Cheon Riong.»

The equipment also comes three-coordinate radar medium-range of LIG Nex 1, fire control radar, made in South Korea on the basis of a system of Ceros «Saab» identification system «friend or foe» TSB 3250 and going out of the company «Thales» EW system SLQ -200 (V) «Sonata.»

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