ATD-X is a harbinger of the sixth generation of the Japanese fighter

ATD-X is a harbinger of the sixth generation of the Japanese fighter
March 28 the Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries beginning assembly layout technological demonstrator ATD-X (Advanced Technology Demonstrator-X) in the framework of the creation of a promising fighter aircraft, which will replace the F-2 Air Self-Defense Force. «The purpose of applets is to make the fighter a hundred percent state of development,» said CEO Takashi Kobayashi (Takashi Kobayashi) at the beginning of the ceremony layout assembly plant in Tobishime (Aichi Prefecture).
«Today we are making the first step in addressing this challenge,» said Kobayashi. Layout is also known as «Shinshin» («Heart of God»), for its development the Department of Defense has allocated 39.2 billion yen (480 million U.S. dollars). Aircraft must take off in 2014.

Demonstrator ATD-X was designed for the creation of a stealth fighter with high maneuverability. On the model will be tested leading technology and systems integration, then the company will begin to develop a sixth-generation fighter, which will be implemented 13 new systems in the field of information and intelligence equipment, as counter-stealth capability (the ability to fight the enemy stealth aircraft).

Company Fuji Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will be engaged in the creation of the fuselage, wings and cockpit, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries (IHI) will develop a power plant layout of the 2-turbofan XF5-1. To reduce the weight of the empty aircraft it will be used extensively composite material reinforced with carbon fiber (carbon fibre-reinforced plastic — CFRP). It accounts for about 30% of the weight of the whole structure of the demonstrator.

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