Audio on February 22

Part 1:

• Digest of Belarusian news a day or.
• Guest "Radio Liberty" — restorer, painter Vladimir Rakytskyy. After 15 years of the restoration work in the Holy Transfiguration Church Polotsk Vladimir Rakytskyy resigned as a symbol of disagreement with the policy of restoration.
• Survey in Gomel: "What sin have the most grave?"
• the composition of the "People’s album" group and "Blood."
2nd part:

• Research — Belarusian army. From which it will renounce, not including rags and tarpaulin boots?
• Terms and life in Lithuanian army: washing machines and dryers for shoes.
• Poll: "What are your most powerful memoir of service in the army?"
• Belarusian Web at "Night Siege" takes Dmitry Podberezskaya.
• «Night rap." Mikhalina Emelyanova. Poems.
• Alexander Tomatoes. "Zwukopis." History of "Rock-coronation."

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