Austrian Kurier about the kinds of EU sanctions and their effectiveness

By this occasion Austrian edition Kurier writes about the kinds of sanctions that the EU is in the arsenal, and about when and for what purpose they are introduced.

Possible expulsion of diplomats, diplomatic, cease cooperation, trade sanctions, monetary penalties, cease flights.

As the Kurier, the use of sanctions — EU frequent phenomenon. In the arsenal of the EU there are 30 different kinds of the most punitive sanctions.
They are used in the European and international policies are intended to "change the political actions or policies that have led to a breach of international agreements or Human Rights. "
It could be action against individual countries, for example, Belarus, Iran, North Korea. Also — against terrorist groups like al-Qaeda. Or even individual persons, for example, Osama bin Laden.
Some initiates EU sanctions the UN Security Council, and later support the EU. Some belong only to Europeans. In 2000, 14 EU countries have initiated sanctions against Austria for the fact that its government representatives obscurantist National Party conservatives.
As for Russian-Georgian conflict, which was the reason for the current favorites emergency meeting of the EU, then we can talk about diplomatic sanctions against Russia. Here probable measures such as expulsion of diplomats, diplomatic, termination of cooperation, sports boycott or cultural events, trade sanctions, financial sanctions (freezing of accounts) stop flights.
From the 1990s., The main initiative for the UN Security Council, the EU has not imposed sanctions once related, in the midst of the rest, with the events in Iraq and Yugoslavia, Some of them have proved fruitful — for example, the boycott of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. Some — no, writes Kurier.

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