Authorities hinder the organization business meeting

One of the applicants shares businessman Sergei Balykin said:
"The authorities pulled from the issuance of a permit for the rally. So makarom they tried to hide the fact that they have given permission. After all, he was granted permission to have its centenary on March 6. And he was pointing us at the address in the home the same day. But it is clear that for such kutsee time of writing could not be reached. We rang the ideological control of Minsk City Executive Committee asking permission given to us. But the 6th and even 7th March ideological department staff were that the issue has not been resolved, we do not know given permission or not.
The fact that we have been given permission, we learned the case. We got a call from Minsk management Interior and invited us to a meeting to agree the necessary security measures. And there we got a copy of the permit. But was be opposite. We had obtain permission and agree with the police already. This permission was granted to us the other day, 4 days off. It was very hard print informational messages, because printing does not work, it was hard to work with the media, because they also do not work. "
Details later in our broadcast.
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