Be fruitful European sanctions against Belarus?

How can such measures be fruitful EU? This question was addressed to the Freedom of euro influential politician and member of the PACE Subcommittee on Belarus, the Swiss Social Democrat Andreas Gross. In a number of his own recent interview in including and us, sire Gross stressed that the long isolation of Belarus with the European structures was unproductive, and therefore "the PACE political commission claimed by Council of Europe and the Parliamentary Assembly of configurations in policy dialogue with Minsk. "
So, what will reach Brussels if sanctions continue?
Gross: "I think it’s right that the EU will continue to visa sanctions against a small layer Belarusian society and show them the Belarusian leaders who are persecuted and suppressed dissent with them thousands of Belarusians that in Europe as previously unwilling to build them that dictatorship is unacceptable for the euro society.
That before the imposition of economic sanctions against Belarus, then there must do everything very carefully. We must take into account all the previous in including and a bad experience. So, as a result of sanctions against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq suffered ordinary inhabitants. At the moment, the UN is not often reads about the general, and about so to speak "Smart sanctions" targeted not against the entire population, but against the ruling elite, political dictators, the narrowest economic strata of society. "
From 1st January 2007, when the Schengen visa for Belarusians has cost 60 euros, contacts with the West and they begin inaccessible to people who disagree with the regime. Emperor Gross is a critic of the EU action.
Gross: "We, the representatives of PACE believe that as a result of similar policies Belarusian citizens twice punished. Initially their dictator Lukashenko, and later running the EU. From my viewpoint, categorically wrong step — to increase the price of visas. Rather, one should strongly facilitate the ability to travel. I am very disappointed. Our European public should complicate life dictator, oligarchs, nomenclature, and not everyday ordinary people in Belarus. This is not the best way, when people have to emigrate. West better track down information on those whose capital deposited in banks in Germany or Switzerland. "
Gross sovereign supports the early reduction of visa prices for ordinary Belarusian people.

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