Begins a public campaign against Suvorov temple

Reacted to the news» International Public Association "Fatherland," which opened a campaign against civilians construction of the memorial church in honor of the Russian feldmarshala. Joined the protests» public association "Union of Belarusian Writers ‘and’ Society Belarusian language Skarina behalf. "
Says historian and writer Ales Petrashkevich.
Petrashkevich: "I believe that it is a challenge Belarusian civilization. The most unexpected, which you can think of. Suvorov — one of the main executioners of the Belarusian people. Cossack cadets cleaned and cut down their villages burned. "
Alignment artist Ales Pushkin.
Pushkin: "This news complements my world, that the Russian Orthodox Church Belarus more drifting toward politics. I believe that these "golden" temple will be covered muck and desolation. The temple built by strasannya funds and victims, though will be empty. "
Kobrin at the moment as to justify a local inhabitant Dzmitruk Gregory, on the construction of a negative response.
Dzmitruk: "This case is quite scandalous. Some suspicious lottery apply for funding. Crime as it got. Recalls all this case fraud, rather than building the temple. "
Founders of a public campaign against the construction of the temple Suvorov sent an open letter Exarch Metropolitan Filaret of Belarus, also appeal to the Prime Minister» er Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky and Commissioner for Religions and Nationalities Leonid revelers.

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• Suvorov in Belarus will be honored as a saint

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