Belarus in the EU and NATO. Previously, Georgia

This was a past president of the Czech Republic said on Sunday debate on one of the Czech TV channels. He said that would support the entry of Ukraine and Belarus in these structures.
As for Georgia, which is in connection with an armed conflict with Russia has declared his own desire to quickly become a member of EU and NATO, this post-Soviet country, by Havel, is not part of the North Atlantic area. According to the last Czech president, the EU and NATO should know their boundaries and appropriate partnerships with those outside of the case with other countries.
Havel warned that in case of "if the boundaries are unknown and incomprehensible, and it is not just history shows, is the danger of war."
According to former Czech President, "union must correctly identify which countries may belong to him a wheel, and wherein in response to their requests must, unfortunately, deny." According to Havel, the eastern boundary line runs along the Euro-Atlantic region of the Baltic countries, Ukraine and Belarus. "Then begins the great Eurasian empire, are, respectively, the other legal education" — says Vaclav Havel.

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