Belarus’s oldest resident died Anna Borisevich

Adamovna Anna was born in 1888 under Abbot — now June. Worked all his life on earth. In recent years lived with her eldest daughter Nina in Minsk, personal sector. In Last year even went out to the front garden and worked. Anna Adamovna always read, linger long in this world, particularly hard-working people.
"All my life I worked. And chopping firewood, and went into the forest, all by herself. War waged war on the war with the gun, and I was at war with a shovel. Were digging, plowing yes sowed, since horses were not taken away by the Germans. All hands were doing themselves zapragalisya and plow and spade "- said once our radio Anna Adamovna.
10 years reversed Ms. Borisevich almost lost vision. And in 117 years has ventured on a complicated operation on the eye, which was successful. Then the doctors did a complete examination of Anna Adamovna and determined its biological age — all the relevant characteristics were estimated at 117 as 75-year-old man. Anna Adamovna never complained about life:
"Life was good. Lot in my life was decent. Most joyful when we are young: and go to the party, play, although there was nothing to wear one dress I had. Danced But I is not difficult, so I pull from everywhere: Come dance. was funny … "
As for Secrets of long years, Anna Adamovna gave such advice:
"I never smoked. As for vodka, which is when the banquet and have not been drinking. I never in my life had not been intoxicated. Not to worry, you will live a long time, and if you’re worried, angry — then rapidly paryessya. "
Until recent days, Anna Borisevich kept a clear mind and a good memory. And great grandmother sang and remembered all the words of long ballads.
Piece G.Barysevich performing songs. Listen:

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